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    Get Ready for an Active June in Maestral Hotel, Novigrad

    Active Holiday | Aminess Blog


    Find your perfect destination for an active holiday at Aminess Maestral Hotel****. Take your time off work in June and have a great time in Istria now!

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    The Best of Istrian Cuisine for a Great Holiday Experience

    Istria Gastro Experience | Aminess Blog


    Mmmmm, delicious flavours of Istria! Check out the highlights of Istrian cuisine, bringing to you the tastes of the sea and the countryside at their best. 

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    Wonderful Mobile Homes in Istria - Aminess

    Mobile homes in Istria | Aminess blog


    Your lovely holiday home awaits you in Istria! Share quality moments with your favourite people in full comfort of a mobile home in the Aminess Campsites.

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    Top Adrenaline Driven Activities in Istria - Aminess

    Adrenaline in Istria - Aminess Blog


    Get the rush of adrenalin for a new perspective on Istrian beauties, for a unique holiday feel, for the fun of it! Click for more on adventure in Istria!

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    Exciting and Busy Events Calendar in Spring 2019 in Istria

    Spring events in Istria - Aminess Blog


    Pick your favourite event in spring 2019 in Istria! The busy calendar lists exciting events giving you the perfect excuse for a time-out and enjoyment!

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    Experience Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights in 2019

    Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights 2019 | Aminess Blog


    Don’t miss the exquisite tastes of Istrian cuisine magnificently complemented by amazing wines and drinks at Aminess Wine & Gourmet Nights in 2019!
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    Fascinating and Less Known Facts about Istria - Aminess

    Fascinating and Less Known Facts about Istria - Aminess


    Awaken your curiosity about history, culture, cuisine and nature in Istria and let the less known facts guide your trips of discovery for a unique holiday!

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    Labour Day Special Offers for a Spring Holiday in Dalmatia

    International Workers’ Day | Aminess Blog


    Press pause to your busy daily schedule, hop to Dalmatia for a spring getaway and celebrate International Workers’ Day (Labour Day) in 2019 with Aminess!

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    Become a Member of the Aminess' Loyalty Programme

    Aminess loyalty Ami+


    Aminess Hotels & Campsites invite you to become a member of the Ami+ Loyalty Programme and enjoy the special benefits it entails. Click for more details! 

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