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Plan a Hiking Adventure on Pelješac Peninsula


Maybe it’s the stunning views from the top, maybe it’s about the challenge or the absolute peace and quiet you feel with every step you take… Hiking can be an extremely rewarding activity on holiday and Pelješac peninsula is an exciting destination to explore. So, put on your hiking boots and get ready for an incredible experience:

Unique holiday experience

From the beach to the mountain top in no time! Apart from the beautiful crystal clear sea and beaches with fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, Pelješac peninsula attracts fans of the outdoors with its hills covered in olive groves and vineyards and winding trails leading to the top. Reaching the peaks does not only give you the irresistible feeling of achievement, but also the most spectacular views imaginable.

Climb to the peak of Pelješac - St Elias

Up, up, up to the highest top! With the altitude of 961m, the peak of St Elias (Cro. Sv. Ilija) on Pelješac is one of the most fascinating viewpoints in Dalmatia - you can see all the way to Biokovo mountain and the Neretva river mouth, Dubrovnik riviera and the islands of Korčula, Brač, Hvar, Vis Mljet, and all the way to the Italian coast on a perfectly clear day. The hike lasting a couple of hours is well worth the inspiration and thrill you get to feel upon reaching the top.

There are 3 marked routes to reach St Elias - the steepest one leading from Urkunić near Rusković village, another one starting off in Gornja Nakovana 6km northwest of Viganj and the most popular one from Bilopolje beginning near the monastery and the Church of Our Lady of Angels northwest of Orebić. Regardless of the chosen route, make sure you set off early and stick to the marked trail.

Lighter hikes on the peninsula

Hike to explore nature and see the sights! Walk the ancient walls of Ston and discover the area in some depth by following the old Napoleonic road past vineyards with amazing views. You can also stop by Žuljana to go up St John hill (Cro. Sv. Ivan) discovering authentic Mediterranean vegetation along the way.

Trpanj, a village on the opposite side of Orebić, also offers you a few exciting trails in its vicinity. You can follow the olive oil trail leading past centuries-old olive groves and dry-stone walls, go along the Paškal trail past an archaeological site to the Church of St Pascal, enjoy the scenery along the picturesque Lozica route or discover native herbs along the 2.5 km trail from Donja Vrućica.

Useful tips for your hiking adventure

A stitch in time saves nine! To avoid any potential of trouble, it is always wise to check out some basics before setting off on a hiking trail. Have a look at the weather conditions, so that you can prepare accordingly. Make sure you have proper footwear, plenty of water, sun protection and a fully charged phone. Study the route you want to take and let somebody know of your plans. After all, you are in for a magnificent adventure, so don’t let anything spoil it.

Hike for the challenge and inspiration

Aaaaah, beautiful nature all around! Pelješac peninsula abounds in breathtaking landscapes both along the coast and on the mountain and hilltops. Hiking is, therefore, one of the most exciting ways to see its beauty in entirety. So, put on your hiking boots, take on a challenge and find inspiration on your holiday on Pelješac!


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