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Cycle or Hike along the Parenzana Historical Trail in Istria


Let the Istrian countryside cast its spell on you! Tie the laces of your hiking shoes and go for a hike or put your helmet on and hop on a bike… and just go along one of the most famous trails in Istria - Parenzana. Check out what makes it a very special route and what awaits you along the way:

Parenzana … once

Choo, choo went the train along the railway! Parenzana railroad was opened in 1902 connecting the town of Trieste (Italy) with Poreč on the Istrian coast until 1935. It owes its name to the Italian version of Poreč - Parenzo, which indicated the final destination of the railway line. 

Parenzana… today

Parenzana connecting people then and now! 2002 marked the 100 year anniversary of Parenzana opening and prompted the local authorities in Slovenia and Croatia to revive the route with the project ‘Parenzana - the Path of Health and Friendship’, the name of which wonderfully illustrates its aim. 

Today, Parenzana stands for a trail that serves multiple purposes - it invites the visitors to explore the magical Istrian countryside and hilltop towns in north-western Istria, to be active in nature all year round and watch it change its colours and scenery with each passing season. 

The beauty of Parenzana

Stunning scenery all year round combined with exciting features along the way! In addition to the Parenzana multimedia museum in Livade and a train engine model in Vižinada paying tribute to the former railway, the trail itself includes interesting elements such as old tunnels, stone viaducts and former train stations. The route also leads past fascinating Istrian towns and villages from Savudrija, Buje, Grožnjan, Završje, Oprtalj, Livade, Motovun, Vižinada, Višnjan all the way to Poreč. 

A cyclist’s dream come true

Take it easy or face up to a challenge … along Parenzana! It takes roughly four hours to get to Poreč from Plovanija (Croatian-Slovenian border) and cover the length of 80 km, mostly off-road, along Parenzana in Istria. 

If you wish to cycle just to satisfy your curiosity, why not split it into a few cycling trips instead? Head out from Buje to Savudrija and enjoy spectacular views of the sea along the way. Or go southward from Buje past Grožnjan and Motovun to Vižinada, taking in the beautiful countryside and admiring the preserved remains of the original railway. Why not also start your journey in Vižinada, stop by the observatory in Višnjan only to finish your cycling adventure in Poreč? 

Step by step along Parenzana

Appreciate every step you take along the route! Hiking is also an excellent way to follow the trail and you can combine it with some sightseeing as well. Simply drive to a few points along Parenzana and then continue on foot. Find Stanica near Grožnjan and hike to the tunnel Kalcini which has the highest altitude and provides amazing views of the area. Similarly, you can hike from Sv. Stefan near Kostanjica to Biloslavi for breathtaking views. Continuing towards or starting from the nearby village of Završje, you get to go through old tunnels and over a viaduct. You can also set off from Krti near Antonci and pass through a tunnel and over a viaduct or two to visit Oprtalj. Why not also stop by Motovun and then follow the trail towards Vižinada for some more hiking adventure? 

Excellent starting point for exploring Parenzana

Pick the right place to stay for your Parenzana quest! Staying in Novigrad with Aminess Hotels & Campsites, you not only get an excellent opportunity to explore the route at your own pace and according to your preferences, but also a great support system in terms of advice and bike services in one spot. 

All in one - Parenzana

It’s about beautiful nature. It’s about historical heritage. It’s about being active. Parenzana gives you all that and more. Taking the trail on foot or by bike, you experience the beauty of Istrian nature at its best


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