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Planning a Trip to Pelješac? Here's Your Arrival Guide


Oh, that feeling of absolute tranquility as you’re taking in the crystal clear sea right before your eyes… Pelješac peninsula is one of the hidden gems of southern Dalmatia and your perfect oasis for rest. Regardless of your chosen form of arrival, rest assured that your effort will be rewarded the moment you step outside and take one refreshing breath of untarnished sea air not to mention the lovely holiday moments awaiting you there.

A car-ride all the way

You’re just a scenic ride away from your holiday destination! Popularly known as Dalmatina, the A1 motorway is the one that practically leads the way to the peninsula. The distance between Pelješac and Goričan border crossing with Hungary is some 700 km, some 600 km are between Bregana border crossing near Zagreb and roughly in between is the distance between Rupa border crossing near Rijeka and the peninsula. Depending on where you enter the motorway, the toll can vary between €33-38 for a family car. For a smooth ride, make sure you check out the best family-friendly rest areas along the way such as Dobra, Brinje, Zir, Jasenice, Krka, Kozjak, Mosor and stop for a break every now and then.

Also, bear in mind that you will need to cross the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina (at least until the Pelješac Bridge is opened - by 2022). The alternative is to take the 1-hour ferry ride from Ploče, some 40 km before the border, directly to Trpanj on Pelješac peninsula, which is roughly 20 km from Orebić.

Fly to Split or Dubrovnik

Make it fast and cosy to Dalmatia! Both Split and Dubrovnik airports offer flights to and from various destinations in Europe, so check the schedule at your nearest airport and arrive in little time to the region. All that remains to be done then is to reach Pelješac from the airport. Renting a car is one option, but it requires a bit less than 2 hours to get there from Dubrovnik and 3 hours from Split. Instead, you can take a ferry or, even better, a catamaran ride and just enjoy the stunning scenery, the sea and the islands along the way.

Unfortunately, there aren’t direct lines to Pelješac from Split and Dubrovnik either, so you need to look up preferably catamaran options from there to Korčula island. Be sure to ask for Korčula port, as opposed to Vela Luka on the other side of the island, and, if possible, Dominče (additional ferry port in the historical core of Korčula) and look forward to a sailing adventure of roughly 2,5 hours from Dubrovnik or Split alike. The transfer from Korčula to Orebić is then the shortest of them all - just half an hour.

Every way to Pelješac is the right way

Arriving by car, plane, catamaran or ferry, just keep in mind your end destination - Pelješac, because it’s well worth the trip. Passing by breathtaking scenery both on land and at sea, you are just warming up along the way for your ideal haven of tranquility - Orebić on Pelješac peninsula with Aminess Grand Azur Hotel**** as your perfect host.


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