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Only on Korčula... What Makes This Island in Southern Dalmatia Unique?


Crystal clear sea beautifully contrasted by lush Mediterranean greenery on land… It’s a typical image of Korčula island and many others in the Adriatic Sea. So, what is it that makes this particular island stand out not only in Dalmatia but the entire Croatian coast? Here are a few fascinating facts about the amazing Korčula...

Stunning scenery

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which one is the greenest of them all? Korčula may not be the largest island in the Adriatic Sea, but it is the most forested one. In fact, it was referred to as Korkyra Melaina (hence its current name) by the ancient Greeks precisely because of its dense vegetation so many centuries ago.

The magnificent town of Korčula

Once upon a time there was a town… Approaching the island by a ferry, enjoying the view from the hills above Orebić on Pelješac, simply sailing near the town of Korčula, you are instantly smitten by its awe-inspiring walls, even more so once you enter the old historical core through the Revelin Tower. Roaming the narrow streets of the town, built in a fishbone pattern to protect the inhabitants both from the wind and scorching summer sun, you truly get the sense of history, of times long past.

Hometown of Marco Polo

Marco Polo represents so much more than a fun summer water game on Korčula! In fact, the famous explorer is believed to have been born on the island. So, learn more about the fascinating history of the town and island altogether by visiting the house of the Polo family.

Fascinating traditional dances

Join in the dance... or rather just watch! The island is, namely, widely known for its unique custom of sword dances. The amazing custom has been taking place for centuries and different variants are performed all over the island. In Korčula you can enjoy moreška, while in Pupnat, Čara, Smokvica, Vela Luka and Blato you can watch kumpanija as well as moštra in Žrnovo.

Authentic wines of Korčula

Raise a glass of genuine white wine made on Korčula! While a Dalmatian wine is practically synonymous with red wine, Korčula’s wines are the exception. So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the local vineyards and wineries in Smokvica, Lumbarda and Čara to taste the authentic wines such as pošip and grk over a delightful fish and regional gourmet specialties.

Traces of prehistory

A paradise for curiosity-driven explorers! Historical remains found on Korčula and its vicinity point to a human presence going back to prehistory. Indeed, the largest archaeological site from the Neolithic period, Vela Spila cave, tells the story of more than 20 000 years.

One-of-a-kind Korčula for a very special holiday

Explore & enjoy! Combining the very best of Dalmatia, the untouched beauty of its seaside, with unique history and customs, Korčula takes your breath away in more than one way. So, relax in peace and quiet taking in the lovely nature around you, discover historical curiosities and have a unique holiday experience!


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