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Top Places to Explore on Korčula Island


It’s an island of stunning scenery, vineyards, olive groves and thick green forests. It’s the island where history and tradition are venerated and passed on from generation to generation, much to the delight of everyone who lands on it. It’s the sixth largest island in Croatia, the magnificent Korčula. More often than not it is depicted by its most famous representative - the impressive town bearing the same name, but there’s more to the island to be discovered. 

Glorious town of Korčula

Awe-inspiring at first sight! When approaching Korčula town on a ferry with a clear sight of its fascinating time-defying walls, you cannot but feel you are entering a period in history long gone. 

Apart from its walls and towers, the town is most famous as the birthplace of the well-known explorer Marco Polo (hence the museum!) as well as its fishbone-resembling network of streets meant to shield from winds and provide shade. Visit the Bishop’s Palace and St Mark’s Cathedral and discover the examples of architectural stonemasonry dating back several centuries. Should you be in town during traditional festivities, don’t miss the unique moreška sword dance performance.  

Artistic town of Vela Luka

Painting the perfect image of an Adriatic beauty! Situated on the opposite side of the island in a sheltered bay with numerous breathtaking coves and islets such as the attractive Ošjak, Vela Luka is the hometown to a number of renowned Croatian artists. As such it has been celebrated and cherished in various works of art - from traditional klapa songs and popular Croatian singers to fine arts. 

The town is known for the art collection exhibited in the Cultural Centre, not far from the Church of St Joseph, in addition to the archaeological findings from Vela Spila site. With evidence of human presence dating back 20.000 years, Vela Spila represents one of the most important European prehistoric sites. 

Dancing town of Blato

Get into the rhythm of Blato! One of the oldest settlements on the island, the town is renowned for preserving the tradition of the kumpanjija sword dance of the knights. As you go along the magical linden tree alley, you reach the spot where Korčula’s nobility used to meet so many centuries ago next to the parish church. Also see the Renaissance castle Arneri and visit the Barilo ethno house for even more insight into the traditional way of life.  

Cheers to Smokvica and Brna

Raise a glass of fine native wine pošip and toast to beautiful scenery and wine-making tradition! Look for dry-stone structures, the so-called ‘toretas’ and ‘meje’ walls, in the vineyards around Smokvica that testify to the long-standing wine production in the area. Smokvica is closely connected to the nearby village of Brna on the coast. It’s the place where the transparent blue sea is wonderfully contrasted by the surrounding thick green forests, a true oasis of peace and quiet. 

Sunny Lumbarda

Hit the beach for pure pleasure in Lumbarda! Best known for its amazing sandy beaches, the town was recognized as an idyllic place to rest already in Antiquity, as evidenced by the rock monument Psefizma dating back a couple of millennia. Apart from breathtaking landscapes, Lumbarda also invites you to a glass of native dessert wine grk. 

Painting a broader picture of Korčula island

Discover the heritage and fascinating stories of the top places on the island and learn more about tradition and the way of life on this enchanting Adriatic island.


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