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Beautiful Istria for All Seasons


It’s lovely in spring. It’s exciting in summer. It’s colourful in autumn. It’s beautifully peaceful in winter. There’s no such thing as a bad moment to visit Istria, simply because it always awaits you with moments of joy and pure pleasure. Here’s an overview of what to expect in a particular period of the year and how to make the most of your stay:

Agreeable climate in Istria

Mild & Mediterranean - just perfect for your stay! According to the general climate in Istria, the summers are usually warm and sunny (with 2400 of average annual sunshine hours), while the winters tend to be mild and pleasant. These values naturally vary from region to region and can differ from the average especially in more elevated areas. Still, delightful weather is one of the reasons why Istria attracts visitors all year round, although the majority chooses the period between April and October. 

The buzzing summer months

The timing is perfect for water fun! Temperatures peak during June, July and August and can be higher than 25 degrees. The sea is also the warmest during these months, which makes them favourites with fans of the beach, pools and the sun. 

It’s an exciting time to explore the coast by boat, kayak, SUP, a jet ski and similar, to enjoy water sports, go snorkelling and diving. It is also the busiest time of year with popular events, including sports competitions, concerts and performances, film and food festivals, taking place practically non-stop and filling the streets and promenades with visitors. 

Enjoyment in full colour of autumn

And the show must go on! The heat may be gone with September and October and temperatures may drop a bit, but the sea can still be warm enough to swim with less people around on the beaches. The possibility of occasional rain also increases later in the season.

Autumn in Istria indeed has a distinctive charm and offers several options to get a taste of it. So, go cycling and hiking in pleasant weather to witness the change of scenery, visit the olive groves, vineyards and wineries at the time of the harvest, sample Istrian specialties starting with truffles, mushrooms and sole fish. 

The winter’s calm

No better place than Istria to look back at the year behind us and welcome the new one! December, January and February may be the coolest months, even though temperatures hardly ever reach 0 degrees, but those are also the months when we feel that special warmth in our hearts, especially during the holiday season.

Apart from celebrating New Year’s Eve in places like Novigrad, this time of year is also great for you to enjoy quiet walks along the promenade, indulge in wellness and delicious Istrian delicacies such as Jacob’s scallops of Novigrad, Adriatic squid, shellfish and oysters. 

Blooming pleasure in spring

Let the sunshine in … in Istria! As the volatile weather slowly begins to stabilize with gradual rise in  temperatures, the first rays of sunshine also start luring visitors to witness the awakening of nature.

March, April and May are the months when nature sets the perfect scene to be active, go cycling, hiking and trail running along the coast and inland, go kayaking along the Mirna river. In addition, it is the season of unique Istrian specialties such as wild asparagus. May also marks the beginning of the bathing season as the sea gets warmer with each passing day.

365 days of Istria

Beautiful, exciting, peaceful, delicious and magically diverse. That’s Istria, all year round. So, pick the right time for your stay and enjoy it in all its glory!


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