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Famous Traditional Croatian Foods you must try when visiting this destination!


If you don’t have an idea where to go next, let the food be your compass. Getting to know a place is not complete if you miss the gastro specialties, especially when visiting the Croatian coast which is extremely rich in local fresh ingredients of which many specialties are made. You enjoy just a half of it if you don’t taste them all! So, let’s give you some ideas what to try when you visit some of Aminess Hotels & Campsites destinations.

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Try some typical Istrian food

The Istrian cuisine holds a range of impressive Mediterranean flavors accompanied by excellent wines. The town of Novigrad is situated on the pure coast and it is a fishing town where you can get fresh fish every morning directly from the sea. Therefore, in Novigrad you have to eat some delicious fish specialties as brudet which is a fish dish with potatoes and delicious sauce. For the best local experience we highly recommend the Half 8 restaurant. Another dish if you find yourself in the intern parts of Istria is any kind of meal with truffles. The town of Motovun is well known for its large forest area where lots of truffles are found and brought directly to the restaurants and shops.

The most famous foods of Makarska

Talking of fish dishes, when in Makarska, fresh fish is a must! Order riba na gradele and you’ll get grilled fish prepared in a way that it remains soft and juicy. With boiled potatoes, chard and a glass of wine, it’s one of the most popular Dalmatian dishes. Another popular dalmatian dish is the pašticada. There are many ways of preparing it, but everyone agrees that it takes a few hours to marinate the soft beef and then a few more to cook with dried figs and plums, spices and wine. If you are a fine dining type of gourmet, book a table at the 7 Seas Rooftop Restaurant of the Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel and watch the local dishes become art.

Traditional cuisine recipes from the island of Krk

There are a few Croatian islands where you have to try lamb dishes. One of them is the island of Krk. Lamb žgvacet is a dish made of stewed lamb with garlic, tomato, parsley and spices and some wine added by the end to make it soft and juicy. It is often served with the pasta called šurlice or with polenta, a porridge of coarsely ground maize meal. If you’d like some dessert after the main dish, there’s a typical one from the island of Krk called presnac. Presnac is a dish that looks like a round golden tart with homemade dough which wraps the cheese mixture – young sheep’s milk cheese with sugar, yolks and spices. The type of presnac is baked in an oven at an average temperature until it is golden brown. Then sprinkle the sugar over it and serve it cold. If you have the desire to cook the traditional recipes at home, find the recipes here. If you decide to visit Krk, expand your gastro knowledge by checking out the blog that is all about Krk food.

Croatian Fish specialties from Korčula

The main thing what to taste when visiting Korčula are the dried figs! The perfect Mediterranean climate, lots of sunny days and the sea breeze make the figs grow sweet and juicy. When dried with aromas and spices, they become the best dessert which you can take with you wherever you go and sweeten your tooth whenever you desire to. When visiting a restaurant, try finding the locals to cook fish brodet for you. It’s a similar one to the one you will eat in Istria, but every part of the coast has its own recipe! Juicy fish with fresh local potatoes, local wine and the most beautiful sea view.

Wine tasting in Croatia – the best experience is on the island of Pelješac!

Orebić is a place for desserts and wines! The island of Pelješac is a beautiful nature area full of vineyards which you can visit, take a sunset walk and have a glass of wine at the end. The wines you must try are Dingač, Plavac and Posup! Take a Pelješac wine tour and wrap yourself into the wine tasting experience for a day. For more information check the reception of your Aminess Hotels & Campsites hotel! Besides the wines, you can’t go home without trying the magnificent homemade dessert bites: arancini, candied almonds, klašuni, macaroni cake, rozata (flan), fritule (fritters/beignets) or krostule (angel wings). It makes no sense explaining them with words, you’ll have to try them on your own. The only thing we can say, you’ll thank us for letting you know!

It is known that there’s no healthier cuisine than the Mediterranean one. UNESCO confirmed it in 2013 and it was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage. We do everything to preserve it and to maintain the top quality. You know what the secret is? Homegrown food, excellent vines and a dash of moderation when enjoying the two of them!

Choose your next vacation according to the food you want to taste. Not a bad idea at all, isn’t it?

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