Orebić, Dalmatia

What to do in lovely Orebić on Pelješac peninsula

Discover the enchanting pristine nature on Pelješac peninsula and visit the famous town of sailors and captains, Orebić. Hike to St Ilija’s peak to admire the extraordinary view of the peninsula with its vineyards and olive groves, as well as the island of Korčula in the distance. Go surfing in the channel or simply enjoy the many wonderful beaches of Pelješac. For a complete holiday experience, taste traditional Dalmatian specialties with a famous Pelješac wine. Book accommodation in Orebić.

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The Pelješac Peninsula

Half island, half paradise

If you want a holiday far from the hustle and bustle, in the safe surroundings of enchanting nature and near the most beautiful Croatian beaches - discover Pelješac.

A playful coastline with turquoise bays, the hillside vineyards of Dingač and Postup, the long walls of Ston, and the captains’ gardens of Orebić are just some of the jewels of Pelješac, Croatia’s longest peninsula. Add ideal conditions for surfing in Viganj, the panoramic view from Sv. Ilija hill, and the spectacular cuisine of Pelješac. Spice it up with a pinch of locally produced salt from Ston and you’ve got a little bit of heaven. So perfectly far from everything.

Top 5 experiences on Pelješac

  • wine tour of Pelješac and fish picnic with seafood specialties
  • a visit to a Franciscan monastery, museum, and church at 150m above sea level
  • a climb to the top of Sv. Ilija hill
  • surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paragliding in Viganj
  • a visit to Orebić, town of sailors and captains

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Aminess hotels in Orebić, on the Pelješac Peninsula

Thanks to the Pelješac bridge that has made it super accessible, there’s never been a better time to spend your holiday on the blissful Pelješac Peninsula. Spend a relaxing holiday on Pelješac!


Orebić – a southern wind of adventure

A blue Mediterranean refuge

Orebić lies on the southwest of the Pelješac Peninsula, below Sv. Ilija hill, and it faces the green island of Korčula, just a 15-minute boat ride away.

The town was made famous by captains and sailors, whose heritage speaks from the luxurious gardens of the captains’ houses. Today, Orebić is a favourite destination of Europeans looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. Spend your carefree moments here swimming, diving, or surfing at one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Dalmatia. And when you get hungry, look for a tavern and delight in fresh fish or lamb and delicious local Plavac Mali wine.

Top 5 experiences in Orebić

  • Trstenica sand beach
  • hiking on Sv. Ilija hill, with its Franciscan monastery on a cliff 152m above sea level
  • boat excursions to Korčula, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands
  • maritime museum with items from Orebić’s glorious seafaring past
  • Mimbelli summer residence and captains’ gardens with exotic plants, such as bananas and avocado

The History of Orebić

250 captains out of 500 residents

In 1584, Orebić was named after the Orebić family of sea captains who renovated the old castle and laid the foundations of the town.

Founded at the turn of the 16th century within the Republic of Dubrovnik, Orebić has always been a seafaring town. In the 17th century, the ships of Pelješac were an important part of Dubrovnik’s merchant marine. The first shipyard on Pelješac was founded by Emperor Franz Joseph in the late 19th century. The importance of seafaring is witnessed by the many captains’ houses and summer residences, and the vineyards and olive groves show how agriculture developed alongside it.

Top 5 traces of history in Orebić

  • maritime museum with items from Orebić’s glorious seafaring past
  • 15th century Franciscan monastery at 150m above sea level, with a picture of the Virgin Mary that washed ashore in Orebić
  • captains’ houses amidst luxurious gardens with plants from all over the world
  • the summer residence of Orebić’s famous Mimbelli family, after whom the main square is named
  • cemetery with the mausoleums of famous captains’ families: Mimbelli, Orebić, Fisković, Župe, Vekarić, etc.

Culture in Orebić

A tradition that lives with the sea and faith

Like the rope that ties ships to the coast of Pelješac, the culture of Orebić lives in its lasting relationship with its captains.

Valuable books, exotic plants, and items such as the Murano glass chandelier in the Our Lady of the Angels monastery… these have all been preserved today as a reflection of the wisdom and grace of the sailors that brought them from their long journeys. It is no surprise that it is still considered an honour to be a sea captain in Orebić. Orebić also has a strong Catholic tradition, boasting more than 40 churches and chapels and 17 Catholic graveyards.

Top 5 places for culture in Orebić

  • 7 neo-Renaissance fountains on the streets of Orebić
  • luxurious Mimbelli summer residence with walls painted with 4 million egg yolks
  • Franciscan monastery Our Lady of the Angels at 150m above sea level
  • the tragic love story of Baldo Mimbelli carved into the sculpture of his fateful love below the golden cupola of the cemetery next to the Church of Our Lady of the Angels
  • maritime museum

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Activities in Orebić

When the wind brings fun

You’ve certainly heard that Pelješac is Croatia’s top surfing destination. Thanks to the mistral, you can have endless fun doing windsports.

Surf on the waves, windsurf in the Pelješac Channel, or fall in love with paragliding. Bike or hike to the top of Sv. Ilija hill, the highest point on the peninsula, or relax with your family on the sandy beach of Trstenica beside the crystal clear sea. Try indigenous Plavac Mali wines on the “Pelješac Empire of Wine” wine route, and investigate the surroundings with a boat trip to Korčula or Mljet. Take an excursion to top destination Dubrovnik for your grand finale.

Top 5 activities in Orebić

  • surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and paragliding in Viganj
  • a hike to the top of Sv. Ilija hill
  • wreck diving or a big game fishing excursion
  • mountain biking on marked paths
  • visits to must-see destinations – the city of Dubrovnik and the islands of Mljet, Hvar, Lastovo, and Vis

Weather on Orebić

Your perfectly clear days on Pelješac

You will find safe harbour in Orebić in the dry, warm summers and mild winters. Find out why it’s so wonderful to live in a Mediterranean climate!

Here, you can enjoy relatively high temperatures all year, with temperatures under 10°C only in January and February. There are as many as 2,500 hours of sun per year, one of the highest averages in Croatia. The most precipitation occurs in October and March, and the least in July and August. As far as the winds are concerned, you will be happy to learn that the mistral blows nearly every afternoon in Viganj. Ideal for surfers!

Top 5 benefits of Pelješac’s climate

  • largest waves in Pelješac during Sirocco - from 1.5 to 4m
  • the scent of aromatic herbs - mint, sage, lavender, rosemary, and marjoram
  • salinity of the sea around Pelješac ranges from 38,48‰ to 38,60‰, somewhat higher than the Adriatic average
  • rich plant life: more than 1,100 plant species and varieties
  • mouflon walk the steepest slopes of the hill

The Cuisine of Orebić and Pelješac

Get to know the homeland of Plavac Mali

Even if you aren’t a wine lover, you will be intrigued by the story of the Plavac Mali varietal from the southern slopes of Pelješac, told by hardworking winemakers.

Visit the steep vineyards of Plavac Mali that produce the grapes for the excellent Dingač and Postup wines. Seek out wineries, agrotourism farms, restaurants, and shellfish farmers in Orebić and on the Pelješac tourist road. Enjoy the aromas of orange and lemon, and make delicious seafood specialties like oysters from Ston and grilled sea bream or sea bass even more delicious with a drizzle of local olive oil. End your gourmet adventure with sweet arancini, klašuni, or fritters.

Top 5 gourmet experiences in Orebić

  • grilled sea bream, sea bass, scorpionfish, or dentex
  • raw oysters from Ston
  • Dalmatian pašticada beef stew
  • šporki makaruni - homemade pasta with beef goulash
  • sweets: klašuni cookies, rozata custard, fritters, and kroštule sweet knots

…all with an unforgettable glass of Plavac Mali, the best southern wine.

Events in Orebić

Surf the flavours of Pelješac

If you choose Orebić and Pelješac for a holiday in Croatia during the warmer part of the year, in addition to the fantastic accommodation, you’ll get a package of events to occupy your body and soul.

Numerous gourmet events will spoil your tastebuds with the best southern Dalmatian red wines and delicious traditional meals. A cappella klapa folk music on the promenade will provide a fascinating musical background. If you want to learn to sing, attend a music workshop held by Klapa Nava. And if you want to see the best surfers, don’t miss the Croatian Open Windsurfing Championship in Viganj.

Top 7 events in Orebić and on Pelješac

  • Pelješac wine cellar open doors - (late April / early May) including a tour of Pelješac’s wine roads, wineries, and wine cellars
  • Croatian Open Windsurfing Championship (May) windsurf slalom regatta in Viganj
  • The Sounds of Dalmatia (once a week from June to September) - klapa or brass bands on the promenade in Orebić
  • The Flavours of Pelješac (once a week from June to September) - tastings of wine and food from Pelješac
  • Kids' Shipbuilding workshop (July) on the promenade in Orebić
  • Music workshops led by Klapa Nava, who is organising klapa workshops in the Church of the Annunciation in Orebić
  • Rozariada (late September, early October): Viganj Games, a local olympics in extreme outdoor and traditional sports with a cultural and entertainment programme

Beaches in Orebić and on Pelješac

Top 9 beaches on the Pelješac Peninsula

Pelješac is well-known for its pristine nature and its coast lined with sandy and pebble beaches. Far from roads and traffic, and yet easily accessible by car. Discover your favourite among the top 9!

  • Aminess Grand Azur Hotel beach is a pebble beach that offers lounge chairs, a bar, an à la carte restaurant, and a beautiful view of the island of Korčula. This beach is visible from Marco Polo’s house. Who knows, maybe it was this very beach that inspired him to explore the world…
  • Trstenica beach, on the south side of the peninsula near Orebić, is one of the best-known family beaches in the region. The waterline of the beach is lined with pebbles, while the underwater part is sandy. You can rent lounge chairs and beach umbrellas at Trstenica Beach, or simply lay out in the natural shade of the trees.
  • Prapratno beach is located in Prapratno bay on the south side of the Pelješac Peninsula, 6km from Ston. This long and shallow sandy beach is especially suitable for families with small children and non-swimmers. As well as for anyone looking to relax surrounded by old pines and olive trees or play beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, or paddle-boating.
  • Divna beach is located in Duba bay, 10km from the town of Trpanj. This sandy and pebble beach attracts travellers with its natural beauty and striking contrast of green and blue.
  • Jezero beach is located in Jezero bay, 1km from the village of Duba. This sandy and pebble beach is the ideal place to set off on a boat ride to get in touch with unspoiled nature. Its beauty and simplicity is accentuated by the lake that surrounds it, whose water runs into the sea through a clear stream that runs over the white beach.
  • Viganj beach is located in a wide bay, and is a large pebble beach surrounded by clear waters. Viganj is a surfing and windsport centre. But it also offers a multitude of other activities, like diving, cycling, hiking, or free climbing.
  • Podobuće beach is located in a peaceful bay on the south side of the Pelješac Peninsula in the town of Podobuće, 11km east of Orebić. In addition to the lovely beach in the town centre, there are many more small beaches nearby. The water is very clean, excellent for swimming and all kinds of water sports, while the western part of the village offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area and is ideal for a stroll.
  • Mokalo beach is located on the south side of the Pelješac Peninsula in the village of Mokalo, 4km east of Orebić. This beautiful pebble beach faces the island of Korčula, and it is surrounded by crystal clear waters.
  • Vučine beach is located in Žuljana bay in a peaceful village on the southwestern coast of Pelješac with a view of the island of Mljet. The bay is full of pebble and sand beaches, one of the most beautiful of which is Vučine beach. Surrounded by turquoise waters and thick pine forest, it is a favourite among families, and its numerous undersea caves attract many divers.
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