What is the Love Path, who were the Paulines, when was the first bathing establishment in Crikvenica opened and why is this region so miraculously healing?

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Due to its location stretching from the Istrian mountain of Učka, over the mountain landscapes of Risnjak, all the way to the stunning coast lined with beautiful beaches, Kvarner is a true oasis of diversity. Mountain trails intertwine with the turquoise sea and the nature captivates with its vast expanses, as well as the cuisine with its rich combination of Mediterranean and continental flavours. The coast dotted with islands and historical towns and a hinterland intersected by steep paths and viewpoints unfold before you like a ball of wool, showing you the way to a magical labyrinth of adventures.

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Health haven on the pearl beach riviera

If you ask travellers what attracts them to Crikvenica, they will mention the clean and beautiful sea, traffic accessibility and a healthy climate that benefits the respiratory system. And indeed, when you descend from the highway towards the Crikvenica Riviera, you will be amazed by the beauty of the pebble and sandy beaches that shine like pearls on the turquoise canvas of the sea, as well as by the air imbued with the aromatic combination of salt and Mediterranean herbs. And when you start exploring the local fabric of life, you will fall in love with the cheerful spirit of the locals, the flavours of local cuisine and colourful events, right after outdoor activities ranging from the depths of the sea to the mountain tops.

History of tourism in Crikvenica

Favourite bathing tourism destination of the european aristocracy

When the healthy microclimate and proximity to the centre of Europe coincided with the marketing shrewdness of local intellectuals and the recommendations of doctors of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy about the benefits of bathing, tourism in Crikvenica began to flourish. The first public bathing establishment was opened in 1888, and the first hotel, “Erzherzogin Klotilde” (Archduchess Klotilde), was built in 1891, while a comprehensive Crikvenica guide was published in Graz in German. In 1906, Crikvenica was declared a climatic health resort, attracting Europe's aristocracy at the time, who would come to bathe and rest. Guidelines for treatments, bathing and sunbathing were written, hotels and villas were built, health parks were created, and the legacy of that period is still visible today in the elegant, Belle Époque-style façades and the famous thalassotherapy centre near Mediteran Hotel by Aminess.

Interesting fact:

  • The sandy town bathing area was established in 1901, and in 1910 pavilions for various beach activities were built. The bathing area offered the services of swimming instructors, masseurs and doctors, and visitors could entrust their children to the care and supervision of professional educators.


The story of an unusual monastery

Nikola IV Frankopan had the Pauline monastery built in 1412, not knowing that this building would, over the centuries, turn into a centre of spirituality, culture and science of the entire region. It was built as a monastery for the Paulines, whom the people called the “White Friars”, but it also had features of a fortress. The Paulines stayed there for 400 years, leaving a deep cultural imprint on Crikvenica, so the closing of the monastery in 1786 was a great loss for the town. In 1895, the monastery was purchased by Archduke Joseph and converted into a military convalescent hospital, and in 1897, it was turned into a home for poor children from the entire Monarchy.


Adventurers, prick up your ears!

The Crikvenica Riviera is indeed attractive with its sunny beaches, but it will offer you much more than that. There are two diving centres on the coast that organise courses and joint diving, and in the vicinity of our hotel there is also a water sports centre with exciting parasailing. There are also various coastal and mountain trails that are excellent for hiking or cycling. Put on your hiking boots and explore the Love Path, known as one of the most beautiful trails under the forest canopy, with viewpoints and the mysterious Badanj Fort. If you like to exercise in the open air, there are open-air gyms next to the beaches, and you will also be rightfully tempted by boat excursions to the neighbouring islands of Krk and Rab. Accept the challenge and enjoy it to the fullest!


Wherever you go, a perfect beach is waiting for you

The beaches of Crikvenica are some of the most unique on the Adriatic coast. Some are pebbly, so you can enjoy natural acupressure, while the others are sandy, providing a velvety feel to your feet. They offer numerous amenities, from deck chairs and parasols to chess pieces, exercise areas and playgrounds for kids. Also, let's not forget about the restaurants and bars. In short, everything you need for a life without a single care in the world.


What to order in the taverns and restaurants of Crikvenica?

You can start with a blue fish marinade, and if it's asparagus season, continue with a soup made from this wild plant. After that, you can opt for black risotto or boiled fish, and then brodet or buzara stew and golden polenta. And if you prefer meat, we recommend a schnitzel or pork tenderloin. For dessert, pancakes, strudel or the traditional “Frankopan Cake” with coffee spiced with cumin and brandy. Crikvenica cuisine is a journey through the history of this region, which was created by fishermen and workers, but also by dukes and friars. All of this beautifully intertwines on the plate, introducing you to the world of simple, but irresistible flavours.

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