Novi Vinodolski, Kvarner

Novi Vinodolski

What are the Eyes of Vinodol, where can you find the most beautiful family beaches, where are there herds of horses, what are the celestial labyrinths, and which wine should you order in a town whose very name honours this nectar of the gods?

Read on and find out...


Opposites attract

Stretching from the Istrian Učka mountain, passing through mountain landscapes of Risnjak and reaching all the way to the breath-taking coast with so many wonderful beaches, Kvarner is a true oasis of diversity. Its hiking trails intertwine with the turquoise sea, the nature mesmerises with its expanses, and the cuisine draws you in with its Mediterranean and continental flavours. The coastline dotted with islands and historical towns with a backdrop criss-crossed with steep trails and wonderful viewpoints unravel before you like a ball of yarn, showing you the way to a magical labyrinth of experiences.

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Novi Vinodolski

Tradition steeped in beauty

Novi Vinodolski is one of the towns with the longest tourism tradition on the Adriatic coast, and it has been welcoming guests since 1878. Just like in those times, the town still attracts visitors thanks to its timeless values: historical charm, beautiful promenade, and wonderful people. Beaches surrounded by crystal clear sea are a sight to behold, and the summer heat is made bearable thanks to the mountain breezes descending from the slopes of the Velika Kapela mountain range. Through the Eyes of Vinodol, a group of six viewpoints rising above the town, you will be able to observe some of the most impressive views of the Kvarner coast, as well as rocky expanses roamed freely by herds of horses.


The valley of grapevines and illustrious Croatian families

The town was dubbed Vallis vineariae (valley of grapevines) by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, which was then translated by Croatian people as Vinodol, to honour the wine-growing tradition cultivated in this area from time immemorial. As you stroll through the Old Town, you will discover many forts and religious heritage attributed to the Frankopan duke (knez) family. The most famous of the town’s forts is the Frankopan Castle, where the Statute of Vinodol, the oldest legal document in Croatia, was signed in 1288. The town’s history was also marked by the Mažuranić family, whose sons were poets, linguists, and important Croatian reformers.


A stroll through folk customs and celestial labyrinths

The culture of Novi Vinodolski is all about folk customs, songs, instruments such as the sopile and the fidulice, as well as a traditional folk costume worn by the proud locals for various formal occasions. One of these is the Novljanski mesopust, a carnival whose significance in this region was confirmed when it was declared an intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia. The hinterlands of Novi Vinodolski is of particular interest for fans of mysticism and photogenic sites, such as the ruins of the Old Town of Ledenice, and the rocky labyrinths inspired by ancient cultures who used them for meditation and the pursuit of inner peace.


Enchantment where the sea meets the mountains

From diving through underwater caves and sunken ships in the Velebit Channel, to hiking and cycling trails spanning the mountainous hinterland, Novi Vinodolski has so many adventures to offer to families in search of outdoor activities. Explore the outdoors full of pine forests, mountain cliffs, small churches and viewpoints whose breathtaking views serve as a reward for all of your effort. Combine swimming and sunbathing with some water sports or go on a family trip to the nearby Krk and Rab islands, just waiting to be explored.


A riviera to put a smile on any face

Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of the Novi Vinodolski Riviera, stretching over 25 km, whose picturesque bays and panoramic views are the perfect haven for a family vacation. The pebbles and the sand, the shells and the sounds of waves: your faithful companions on a vacation sure to fill you with good energy.


A culinary odyssey with the taste of the sea

The central stage of the culinary show in the Vinodol region is reserved for fresh fish, seafood, and wild plants such as the sea fennel, asparagus and dandelions. The rich flavours of the sea are accentuated by the local olive oil and wines, most importantly the indigenous žlahtina white wine. Octopus, prawns, anchovies, figs, asparagus, dishes prepared under a baking bell... these are just some of the delicacies you should put on your wish-list. Then choose one of the restaurants, taverns or bistros by the sea and prepare your taste buds for an exhilarating journey through the Mediterranean.

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