Makarska, Dalmatia


If Makarska is the destination of your choice, find out what its amazing riviera has to offer. Where to find the most beautiful beaches, how to reach the Skywalk viewpoint, where to go on a family trip, what is Makarana and who is Jure! Book accommodation in Makarska.

Central Dalmatia

A pearly coast beneath the cliffs

This magical coastal strip takes pride in the UNESCO-protected towns of Trogir and Split, the grandiose Klis Fortress and the pirates’ town of Omiš, the islands of Hvar, Brač, Šolta and Vis, the untamed river Cetina and the fascinating lakes of Imotski. Explore the steep mountain trails of Mosor and Biokovo, enjoy the fantastic cuisine and have fun on some of the breath-taking beaches. Welcome to Dalmatia, the region of countless natural curiosities blended in with the Mediterranean culture and accompanied by ever-smiling hosts!

Top 5 excursions in Central Dalmatia

  • Old towns of Split and Trogir
  • Klis Fortress, ‘Game of Thrones’ filming location
  • Zip line and a walk through the pirates’ town of Omiš
  • Swimming at Zlatni rat beach on Brač Island or in Stiniva bay on Vis Island
  • Visit to Red and Blue Lake in Imotski

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Aminess hotel in Makarska

Makarska Riviera is a true magnet if you are looking for a stretch of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Do not miss out on a special hotel in Makarska



Holidays on the most beautiful central dalmatian riviera

When it comes to stunning nature, gods were exceptionally generous with Makarska. With all its beaches sheltered by the mighty Biokovo mountain and caressed by the crystal clear sea, finding the most breath-taking one is a true challenge. We suggest climbing the untrodden paths of Biokovo to discover its rare plant species, admire the eagles fly and take in the magnificent views. Be sure to visit the romantic peninsulas of Sveti Petar and Osejava, and stroll down Makarska’s charming alleys. The town offers unique museums, an observatory and splendid night bars (one of which is located in a real cave!).

If you're looking for natural beaches and lots of amenities for the whole family to enjoy on an active holiday, Makarska is the place to be!

Top 5 experiences in Makarska

  • Swimming at divine pebble beaches
  • Skywalk viewpoint (1228 m)
  • Biokovo Nature Park
  • Shells Museum and observatory
  • Festivals, concerts, fishermen’s and gourmet festivities


The unconquered jewel

Traces of life in Makarska date back to the Neolithic era, when the slopes of Biokovo were first settled. This is where the Phoenicians used to make a pricy crimson dye from the mucus of sea snails, while the Hellenistic pottery found on the Sv. Petar peninsula points to the traces of the Greek civilisation. Today’s Makarska started developing in the 1st century, under the Romans, and it owes its present appearance to the Venetian era (17th and 18th ct.). The town takes pride in the famous battle of 887 AD, when the pirates of the Neretva basin dealt a heavy blow to the Venetian army. To honour the victory, a festival featuring a re-enactment of the naval battle is organised each year.

Top 5 historical landmarks

  • Makarska Town Museum
  • Vepric sanctuary with natural cave – a place of prayer and meditation
  • Remains of a fort and church on the Sv. Petar peninsula
  • Franciscan Monastery complex
  • Andrija Kačić Miošić Square with church of St. Mark


From seashells to the stars

If you’re holidaying in Makarska with kids, be sure to take them to the Shells Museum – home to an impressive collection of 3,000 shells from seas all over the world. Right before the sunset take a walk through the sweet-smelling botanical garden in the village of Kotišina to the spectacular Grand Castle (Veliki kaštel) built into the mountain. And when the stars light up the sky, grab a telescope at the town’s observatory and watch the spectacle. Don’t forget to explore the charming alleys of Makarska – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its unique galleries and ateliers. And there is a must-see statue of Jure, the famous local ‘Don Juan’.

Top 5 cultural experiences

  • Veliki kaštel Interpretation Centre
  • Astro park and observatory
  • Shells Museum
  • Ateliers and galleries of local painters
  • Performances of Tempet folklore ensemble

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From sea deep to mountain high

Not many towns can brag about having nearly all natural wonders in one place. After climbing the 1,768 m high Biokovo peak, reserve the rest of the day for a refreshing swim in the translucent sea. In other words: have a perfect active holiday in Makarska. Visit the glass-floor Skywalk viewpoint at an altitude of 1,228 m, take in the scents of the botanical garden in the Kotišina village at the foot of Biokovo, go on a mountain safari on buggies, explore the nearby islands of Brač and Hvar or take your family rafting on the river Cetina.

We recommend

  • Buggy safari on Biokovo
  • Glass-floor Skywalk viewpoint
  • Water sports at pebble beaches
  • Bike trail Makarska leading to the Biokovo botanical garden in the village of Kotišina
  • Rafting or canyoning on the river Cetina


Feel the town’s vibe

The residents of Makarska are known for their jolly spirit and the great festivals they organise for their friends and visitors: from fishermen’s evenings, The Night of Kalalarga (the town’s longest street), jazz festivals and tribute band performances to the comics festival and enchanting concerts by klapa multipart singing groups. In the summer months, each corner of the town becomes a magical stage that will turn your night out into a one-of-a-kind experience. Check out the events calendar to find out what’s on the programme during your stay in Makarska!

We recommend

  • Jazz festival (in August)
  • Mafest – Comics Festival (in May)
  • Klapa Festival (in August)
  • Makarska Cultural Summer
  • Krafting – festival of superb food, drink & music (in June)


Top 5

  • Beach beneath the Aminess Khalani Hotel This attractive pebble beach is a true paradise for hedonists. It’s beautifully landscaped and offers numerous amenities, including sun loungers, umbrellas, a great beach bar and boats that can take you to the nearby islands in no time.
    Ideal for: families, couples and people with disabilities
  • Town beach This pebble beach close to the town centre is the number one choice for those looking for a lively atmosphere. It boasts catering facilities along its entire length of 550 m, and numerous water sports for a fun day on the turquoise sea.
    Ideal for: thrill seekers
  • Cvitačka and Ramova beaches Both are about 3 km away from the town centre. While the nudist beach Cvitačka offers all the peace and quiet one could wish for, Ramova is a fantastic place for parasailing and jet-skiing, but also for lazing in the shade of pine trees on the warm natural pebbles. There is also a beach bar, and a dog-friendly part of the beach.
    Ideal for: families and couples (Ramova), and nudists (Cvitačka)
  • Nugal beach A hidden gem of Makarska, about a half an hour walking distance from the town centre in the direction of Tučepi. Trust us, your efforts to reach it will be well rewarded!
    Ideal for: adventurers and nudists
  • Sv. Petar beach Sv. Petar, dubbed ‘the peninsula of love’ owing to the numerous love locks placed on the fences guarded by the statue of St Peter, is a wonderful place for taking long walks and dives from the rocks overlooking the sea.
    Ideal for: adventurers, couples and romantics
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Seafood, dried figs and makarana cake – the queen of desserts

The hard-working hands of local olive growers, fishermen and winegrowers have turned the coast of Makarska into a prosperous region. Carobs, figs, lemons, oranges, medicinal plants and culinary herbs have been grown in this area since ancient times, with grape and herbal brandies being the most sought-after health and luck ‘potions’. When it comes to local cuisine, we recommend trying fish and meat under the bell, and for those with a sweet tooth there is the famous Makarana cake. It is so beloved that it has earned itself a festival and has been declared an immaterial cultural asset.

Top 5 dishes you shouldn't miss

  • Grilled fish
  • Pašticada stew with gnocchi
  • Meat under the bell
  • Salted sardines and dried figs
  • Flavourful almond cake Makarana


A daily shot of vitamin d for happiness

Nestled at the foot of the Biokovo mountain and thus shielded from the fresh continental climate, Makarska boasts luscious vegetation and long warm summers accompanied by a cooling mistral breeze. The average daytime temperature in the summer is 30 °C, frequently reaching 35 °C, while ranging from a pleasant 10 °C to 15 °C in the winter. The average sea temperature in the summer is 25 °C.

Characteristics of Makarska climate

  • Pleasant Mediterranean climate
  • Bathing season from May to late October
  • Warm summers, pleasant springs
  • Mild autumns, windy winters

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