Novigrad, Istria

What to do in the delightful town of Novigrad?

Explore the ancient streets of the charming town of Novigrad and find out more about its history and cultural heritage. Go kayaking or canoeing to explore its wonderful coast, cycle along numerous trails to get to know the breathtaking hinterland and discover the beauty of Novigrad by being active. Enjoy Istralandia and a great number of irresistible events, from concerts, street performances to amazing food festivals for the ultimate holiday experience. Book accommodation in Novigrad.

Istria – a perfect holiday destination

Visit Istria and take in...

Istria combines a playful, sunny coastline and a mystical rural interior. Learn about this perfect destination for your next holiday!

Magical nature that you can discover slowly, because Istria is small enough to fit in your heart. And with 539km of coastline and 2820km2 of fragrant landscapes of vineyards, olive groves, hiking and bike trails, it's big enough to make your Istrian adventure last. Discover fishing towns alongside the turquoise sea and the hilltop fortresses of the rural interior wrapped in the rich history of Istria written by the cultures of the East and West, central Europe and the Mediterranean. Find a great local tavern or agrotourism farm and enjoy fragrant truffles or delicious boškarin beef goulash. If you prefer seafood, try freshly caught sole, calamari, or delectable Mediterranean scallops. And enjoy, because... everything you try in Istria is bursting with unforgettable flavours.

Top 10 experiences in Istria

  • Sunset Panorama boat excursion in Novigrad
  • the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč; Hum, the smallest town in the world; Roč, cultural monument
  • the picturesque hilltop towns of Grožnjan, Oprtalj, and Motovun
  • Brijuni Islands National Park
  • Roman amphitheatre in Pula
  • Parenzana hiking and bike trail
  • Baredine Cave
  • fish picnic in Rovinj or the Lim Canal
  • boat excursion to Venice
  • Istralandia, one of the 5 best waterparks in Europe
  • homemade fuži pasta and gnocchi, Istrian prosciutto, fresh fish, game, kroštule sweet knots, fritters...

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Colourful. Sunny. Desirable.

Novigrad is a fishing town on the western coast of Istria that has become a favourite destination of travellers searching for a relaxing seaside holiday.

The town harbour of Mandrač, the bell tower with the statue of St. Pelagius, and colourful facades. This will be your first impression of Novigrad. If you dive a little deeper, you will discover friendly hosts, brilliant food, beautiful parks that turn into stages for summer events, a tame countryside interwoven with hiking and bike paths, and charming terraces right by the sea.

Relax. You have chosen one of Croatia’s best places to live.

Top 7 Experiences in Novigrad

  • Lapidarium museum
  • Church of Sts. Maximus and Pelagius
  • a walk alongside the town walls
  • Gnam-Gnam Fest, Sole Days, wine trails and olive oil trails
  • Istralandia waterpark (among the 5 best in Europe)
  • Punto Mare fun&beach zone – summer fun centre
  • Sunset Panorama boat excursion

Aminess Hotels & Resorts in Novigrad, in Istria

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The history of Novigrad

A story wrapped in walls

Novigrad was settled in ancient times, and it is mentioned in written documents as Neapolis as far back as the 7th century.

Novigrad enjoyed a renaissance between the 8th and 9th centuries as the seat of a Frankish prince and the starting point for feudalisation. Its favourable position and fertile interior brought conquest by the Lombards, Franks, Venetians, Habsburgs, and Italians. The story of the Novigrad's walls and towers began during Venetian rule in the 13th century. After their construction, the walls were renovated a number of times, and are perhaps the best witness to the town's identity and the many builders of its proud history.

Top 5 traces of Novigrad's history

  • the town walls, Novigrad's most complete architectural monument
  • Parish Church of Sts. Maximus and Pelagius, built between the 5th and 6th century
  • the free-standing bellower built in the style of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, with a statue of the town's patron saint
  • Belveder, the only 16th century seaside loggia in Istria
  • a neo-Gothic building in the centre of Novigrad, built in the 1920's in the Venetian Gothic style

Culture in Novigrad

Most unusual museums and galleries

Witness Novigrad's cultural heritage in the new Lapidarium museum, whose originality will captivate you.

In this modern space, which will pleasantly surprise those who are usually not fond of museums, guides will present a valuable stone collection, the 8th century Mauritius Ciborium, and reveal some of the small secrets of Novigrad's great past. Don't miss Rigo gallery, which was even visited by the famous Noam Chomsky, and make sure to see the Gallerion Austro-Hungarian Navy Museum to discover why it is rated so highly on TripAdvisor.

Top 4 places for culture in Novigrad

  • the dynamic Lapidarium museum, with one of the most important collections of rare stones in Croatia, exhibitions, and concerts
  • the Gallerion Austro-Hungarian Navy Museum, with model ships, pictures, and historical armaments
  • Rigo gallery with works by Croatian and international artists (which even hosted an exhibition of Andy Warhol's paintings) in Rigo palace, the home of a patrician family that played an important role in Novigrad’s history
  • Agata gallery with works of art for sale

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Activities in Novigrad

Get yourself moving

Novigrad is only a 1-hour drive from even the farthest away parts of Istria, meaning that all of Istria is within your reach for an active, fulfilling holiday.

Start with your bike, a super-healthy mode of transport, which will lead you along well-maintained bike paths along the coast of Novigrad to the charming hilltop towns of rural Istria. Then jump into a kayak and paddle to the fascinating river Mirna ornithological reserve. Or join a boat excursion to eternal Venice or Brijuni National Park. And to finish off, walk to the centre of Novigrad and treat yourself to a glass of local Muscat. You've earned it!

Top 10 activities in Novigrad

  • cycling the Parenzana, a well-maintained bike trail that follows an old railway
  • walking or running along the coast
  • kayaking or canoeing
  • beach yoga (ideal at dawn or dusk)
  • tennis
  • beach volleyball
  • football
  • open-air fitness area by the coastal promenade
  • GoAdria boat excursions (Novigrad panorama, Venice, Brijuni Islands)
  • Istralandia waterpark – the most exciting waterpark in Istria

Events in Novigrad

Events for young and old

In summer, Novigrad is full of events, whether concerts, children's plays, gourmet festivals, or sports competitions. Novigrad presents its rich fishing tradition at its Gnam-Gnam festivals featuring asparagus, sardines, sole, scallops, and other seafood delicacies. Children will be thrilled by the street performer festivals, when the streets and parks are full of clowns, jugglers, and stilt walkers. Summer nights in Novigrad also often mean a chance to take in the starry night sky through a telescope or to enjoy concerts by young, up-and-coming musicians. Something for the whole family!

Top 7 events in Novigrad

  • Gnam-Gnam Fest dedicated to local food
  • Festival of St. Pelagius, with music, dance, and delicious food and wines
  • Lunasa astro-party with stargazing and ambient music
  • Street performer evening with acrobatics, tightrope walking, and other circus acts
  • Parkfest, urban music festival
  • Foto ex tempore, autumn international photo competition
  • “Ethno under the bell-tower” folklore evenings

Beaches in Novigrad

Most beautiful beaches in Novigrad and Istria, where you will spend the fun and carefree moments of your holiday in Istria.

Top 7 beaches in Novigrad and Istria

  • Aminess Maestral Hotel beach: a spacious pebble beach offering lounge chairs, beach umbrellas and baldachins, beach gear, pedalboats and kayaks. Punto Mare summer fun centre is also close by, with good music, tasty bites, and refreshing drinks.
  • Aminess Laguna Hotel beach: a stone and pebble beach with changing booths, showers, lounge chairs, and beach umbrellas. Part of the beach is in the shade of pine trees, which will especially please parents with children, as will the nearby waterpark designed just for kids.
  • Aminess Maravea Camping Resort beach: a well-maintained stone beach right beneath the campsite offers a wealth of activities, from tennis and beach volleyball to sailing. This is all complemented by a supermarket, “Maslina” bar, and a waterfront restaurant.
  • Aminess Sirena Campsite beach: this stone and partially paved beach has changing booths, lounge chairs, and showers. At the campsite, you can rent gear for beach and water sports, and you can find refreshments at the nearby restaurant or Punto Mare fun centre.
  • Kamenjak point, 10km from Pula: beaches for lovers of the wilderness. They spread across the southernmost tip of Istria, and they offer especially clean sea and rich undersea life ideal for divers. Families with children can enjoy the sandy beaches, and those looking for privacy will love the secluded cliffs.
  • Koversada in Vrsar: the largest naturist beach in Croatia and Europe. Koversada is mainly stone, and part of it has been adapted for children. There is a nearby island you can swim to. Lounge chairs and beach umbrellas are available for rent, and there are showers, restaurants, bars, and a special area for pets.
  • Lone bay in Rovinj: with an open view of the old centre of picturesque Rovinj and the island of Katarina, the pebble beaches in Lone bay in the protected Zlatni rt forest park are ideal for families. However, there are also quiet corners for those looking for privacy.
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Cuisine in Istria and Novigrad

Novigrad cuisine: 4 seasons of delicacies

If you're looking for another reason to visit Novigrad, you'll find it in the gourmet food served by your warm and friendly hosts.

From spring with wild asparagus to summer and delicious seafood. From warm autumn with mushrooms to brisk winter with squid. Your journey through Istrian cuisine will be equally appealing in any season. Try prosciutto, fresh fish, Novigrad's famous Mediterranean scallops, truffles, and fuži pasta in delicious sauce, pair them with fine Istrian Malvasia or Teran wines, and top it off with local olive oil. Let the feast begin!

Top 5 gourmet experiences in Novigrad

  • wild asparagus, Mediterranean scallops, Adriatic seafood, and specialties of Istrian cuisine at Gnam Gnam Fest gourmet festival
  • delicious sole at Sole Days
  • Malvasia and Teran on the wine trails and delicious extra virgin olive oil on the olive oil trails
  • homemade fuži, gnocchi, or pljukanci pasta with sauce in local taverns
  • truffles and boškarin beef specialties in the newly-renovated à la carte restaurant “Oliveto” at the Aminess Maestral Hotel

Novigrad’s Climate

The sunny corner of the Mediterranean

Novigrad enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers with an average of 24°C and mild winters with an average of 6°C.

Warm autumn and spring temperatures of around 17°C are great for pre- and post-season stays, when Novigrad is a perfect holiday choice due to the lack of crowds. Its average of 2400 sunny hours is among the highest in Croatia. As for winds, summer brings the refreshing mistral, and the rest of the year is host to the healthy, cold Bora and warm, humid Sirocco. If you love swimming, you'll be happy to know that swimming season lasts from March until October.

Top 5 characteristics of Novigrad's climate

  • Istria is bisected by the 45th parallel, which places it in the ideal temperature belt of the northern hemisphere
  • temperatures are above 10°C more than 240 days a year
  • more than 10 hours of daylight in summer
  • the salinity of the sea is around 37‰
  • the Adriatic is warmer in Istria than in Dalmatia

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