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AMI Loyalty Programme FAQs

How can I join the AMI Loyalty Programme?

You can join the Loyalty Programme via the website and or at the reception desks of the Aminess Hotels & Campsites.

Your membership will be activated within 24 hours of your registration, after you receive the AMI Loyalty Programme welcome e-mail.

What is the difference between registering online and registering at the reception desk?

Upon registering at the reception desk you will receive a physical membership card as confirmation of your membership and a 100 points as a welcome gift to the Loyalty Programme. The card has an identification number and you will need it only during the first registration at the reception desk.

When registering via the websites and you will not receive a physical card, but an e-mail confirmation containing an identification number. Upon registering online you will receive 375 welcome points.

In both cases, you should keep the identification number you received on your membership card or by e-mail because you will need it for identification as a member of the Loyalty Programme every time you make a booking via and or via the Aminess Reservation Centre.

When does my physical card become active?

The membership card is inactive on issue. The membership card will activate automatically no later than 24 hours after registration. Every new member will receive a written notice confirming their registration by e-mail. After receiving the activation e-mail, the members who registered for the Programme at the reception desk should create a password in order to gain access to their online account. After check-in at the reception desk, identification by room/pitch/mobile home number is sufficient at all points of sale within the facilities.

What kind of additional benefits and discounts do I receive by joining the AMI Loyalty Programme?

In addition to the points which you can use as a discount on accommodation, both membership levels entitle you to additional services and benefits you will learn about during registration (please see the membership levels and benefits table below).

Welcome drink   +
5% off wellness services +  
5% off in à la carte restaurants and bars +  
5% off sports services +  
10% off wellness services   +
10% off in à la carte restaurants and bars   +
10% off sports services   +
Slippers and a robe in the room (hotels)   +
Surprise gift   +
Bottle of water upon arrival (hotels and mobile homes)   +
Exclusive members-only offers + +
Early check-in and late checkout (subject to availability) + +

How do I collect points and how can I upgrade to the AMI Premium membership?

There are two membership levels: AMI Card and Ami Premium. AMI Card is the basic membership level assigned to every member upon joining the Programme, while the AMI Premium level is reached after collecting 3000 points within the current year (the current year begins on the date of joining the Programme and reactivates every 12 months).

Members collect points only for bookings made directly at the websites and or via our Reservation Centre. The Loyalty Programme member must be staying in one of the accommodation units. Points will not be awarded for booked rooms/pitches/mobile homes that do not meet the above-mentioned conditions.
 For every Euro spent you earn one point. The points will be credited to your user account within 24 hours of checkout at the reception desk.

Where do I collect points?

  • accommodation at Aminess Hotels; overnight stays with breakfast, half-board, all inclusive light, and pet accommodation services
  • accommodation at Aminess Campsites; overnight stays in mobile homes, pet accommodation in mobile homes, accommodation at pitches (camp lot + price per adult and per child, additional cars, tents and pets)
  • Aminess restaurants and bars (food and beverages)
  • Aminess wellness services (massages, treatments, spa, gym, solarium)
  • Aminess sports centre facilities (designated services)
  • for accommodation packages, if stated

* Note: All rendered services must appear on the room invoice.

Where do I not collect points?

  • merchandise (restaurants and bars: ice cream, cigarettes; rooms: minibar; wellness: creams, massage oils, etc.),
  • services provided by partners at the Aminess Hotels & Campsites (beauty salon at the Aminess Laguna Hotel, massages and sports zone at the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort, water sports at Aminess Maestral and Aminess Laguna, hairdressing salon at the Aminess Maestral, gift shops and game rooms in all facilities, massages and hairdressing salon at the Aminess Lume Hotel and outdoor massage points)
  • GoAdria and other partner agencies’ (Dalmatino Tours...) services
  • accommodation packages, if not otherwise stated
  • incentives (additional payments) at the time of accommodation booking (fruit basket, water, wine, sunloungers...)
  • required additional payments (sojourn tax, one-time registration, booking fee, final cleaning...)
  • used services paid with cash or credit card at external points of sale (e.g. hotel restaurant)
  • in the event of an untimely cancellation, i.e. a penalty charge

How can I redeem my points?

You can redeem points only for discounts on accommodation in one of our hotels or campsites. You are entitled to a discount on your accommodation unit invoice by redeeming sets of 25 points for AMI Card members and sets of 20 points for AMI Premium members.

It is not possible to receive 100% off accommodation; the maximum discount is 95% off the ACCOMMODATION amount on the invoice. You collect points for the remaining 5% of the amount.

The following is valid for points redemption:

  • for every 25 points collected, an AMI Card member earns a €1 discount
  • for every 20 points collected, an AMI Premium member earns a €1 discount

In order to redeem points and get discounts, you should book your accommodation via the websites and or via the Aminess Reservation Centre.

How many accommodation units can I book simultaneously through my user account?

You can book a maximum of 5 accommodation units in hotels or campsites through one user account, providing the account owner booked the accommodation using his own Aminess online account ( or or via the Aminess Reservation Centre and providing that the Loyalty Programme member will stay at one of the booked units.

My user account

To view the current status of your points, log in to your AMI Loyalty Programme user account at and

After registering and activating your user account, you can edit your personal information and preferences, view your booking history and points status.

What happens if I have to cancel or change my booking?

If you cancel your booking, your membership level stays unchanged, i.e. it remains at the level at your last checkout.

In the event of a change of booking, you are entitled to all of the benefits related to your membership level. However, it is important that you (the Loyalty Programme member) are still one of the people visiting.

When does my card expire?

The card is not subject to time limits. However, if there is no card activity within 3 years of the date of joining the Programme, your points will be deleted. In addition, any card abuse will result in its immediate cancellation.

My card was stolen / I lost my card.

In the event of membership card loss or theft, the card can be replaced free of charge only once at any reception desk of the Aminess Hotels & Campsites. Each new membership card replacement will result in a deduction of 100 points from your user account.

Additional notes

Only a direct booking qualifies for discounts and benefits.

Additional restrictions and exceptions may apply. For more detailed information, see Terms and Conditions of the Programme.

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