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Wine Tours on Pelješac Peninsula


Get to know the empire of excellent wine - Pelješac peninsula! With authentic grape variety and favourable conditions for winegrowing, it’s one of the most famous and widely recognized wine regions in Croatia with 250 registered wine producers. So, travel the peninsula in quest of amazing wines for a unique holiday experience.

Winemaking tradition of Pelješac

It takes the right location, the right soil and the right number of sun rays. It’s Pelješac where Plavac Mali, the native grape variety, has found its home. The centuries-old winegrowing tradition is best represented by its two famous red wines - the harmonious and full-bodied Dingač and balanced Postup with a pleasant aroma. Both are made of Plavac Mali and have been protected by law for more than 50 years. 

Wine and dine with heavenly flavours of Pelješac

A wine connoisseur and a gourmet or just a person who likes to treat the palate to excellent enogastronomic experiences, don’t miss the chance to complement divine Dalmatian delicacies with exceptional red wines! Plavac Mali goes marvelously with squid dishes and octopus a la peka, while Dingač beautifully matches shrimp or lobster buzara and Postup wonderfully completes a whitefish dish or brodet fish stew. All three also perfectly crown the famous oysters of Ston as well as meat dishes, especially game. 

Along the wine roads of Pelješac

Take a wine road map of Pelješac and mark your favourites! Whether you want to go solo or with a partner by bike, tour the entire peninsula or take a guided tour, weigh your options and choose the one that suits you best and you find the most attractive. 

When staying in Orebić, there are several options within easy reach. Go wine tasting to Korta Katarina, one of the loveliest wineries on the peninsula, for their Plavac Mali and other wines from their collection. Just outside Orebić in Mokalo village you can also try excellent Postup at the Boutique Winery Mikulić or continue towards the interior to reach one of the most amazing wineries on the peninsula - Saints Hills Winery.

To further explore the richness of the wine region, head south towards Potomje. Visit Skaramuča Winery to see one of the largest vineyards, enjoy breathtaking views and to try their fabulous Dingač of top quality. In this area, also visit Bura-Mrgudić Winery for the award-winning Dingač and Postup wines and Matuško Winery - a popular stop with wine tasting tours due to its excellent wine cellar. Then pass the Dingač tunnel after enjoying spectacular views to reach the other side of the hill and possibly visit another winery such as Madirazza. 

On your way further south, stop by Grgić Vina in Trstenik for Plavac Mali and appreciate its amazing ambiance and views. Then continue in the direction of Ston for a few drops of Stagnum (Plavac Mali) at the family-run Miloš Winery in Ponikve, which is known for its ecological approach to winemaking.

Falling in love with … Pelješac and its irresistible wines

What does ‘red’ stand for? It represents passion, energy and joy, it’s the red colour of the famous Pelješac wine, one of the finest in Croatia. So, raise your glass and toast to authentic locally produced wine and unique experiences on the scenic Pelješac peninsula!

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