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Taste of Holidays: Must-Try Authentic Winter Dishes In Croatia


You could have an endless conversation about everything that is beautiful and worth experiencing in Croatia. The pristine nature, rich cultural heritage and amazing cuisine are just some of the things to remember it by. Each season brings out different things that never cease to amaze. The winter makes sites and landmarks feel magical and the gastronomy, known for the use of fresh seasonal ingredients, follows it with savoury and sweet recipes that compliment the colder weather. Here are a few authentic winter dishes you must try when visiting Croatia.

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Pašticada, turkey with mlinci and sarma

Some of the most famous winter dishes in Croatia are those that are typically eaten for Christmas and New Year family lunches or dinners. In Dalmatia, pašticada with (homemade) gnocchi is traditionally served on Christmas. It is a stewed beef dish, made by stuffing the meat, marinating it for a long time in a combination of red wine and various spices, then slowly cooked until tender.

The homes in Continental Croatia are filled with the smell of roasted turkey. The roasted meat is served with mlinci, a traditional dried thin flatbread, poured over by the gravy from roasting which makes mlinci soft and seasoned. Duck and chicken are also often prepared instead of the traditional turkey.

Somewhere it is served for Christmas as well, but almost everywhere in Croatia sarma is the traditional dish for lunch on New Year’s Day. It is made of minced meat combined with rice and different spices that is then rolled into the leaves of the sour cabbage head and slowly cooked with sauerkraut and pieces of dried meat or bacon. Sarma is usually served with mashed potatoes and among the favourite winter dishes of many Croatian households.

Kabeljau, Maneštra und Brujet

Codfish dishes are served all around Croatia in winter, especially for Christmas Eve. While some like to make a red sauce codfish stew, many choose to prepare it “in bianco” as a spread or with cooked potatoes. In Istria, codfish in bianco is often served with the traditional pasta called pasutice.

Another traditional Istrian dish is maneštra, a type of soup similar to Minestrone. Its ingredients vary, depending on the season. In the winter edition, it combines various types of vegetables like beans, corn and chickpeas and it pairs well with dried meat or sausages.

Brujet or brudet is a dish most commonly eaten in Istra, Kvarner and Dalmatia. It is a stew with many types of fish that is made differently in each region and usually served with polenta. On Croatian islands brujet is often traditionally prepared on Christmas Eve.

Štrukli, fritule and kroštule

Štrukli is one of the most famous dishes in and around Zagreb and Zagorje, but equally loved and appreciated in the whole of Croatia. It is a special pastry filled with cottage cheese and sour cream that offers many variations. Štukli can be cooked or baked and served as a sweet dessert or a salty dish. Whichever option you choose, it will certainly be delicious!

Fritule, the traditional dessert that was once made in Istria, Dalmatia and Kvarner during festivities, has nowadays spread across the whole country. They are best described as deep-fried dough balls or fritters. Traditionally, they were sprinkled with powdered sugar and now are often served with sweet sauces and spices in the Advent time, such as chocolate and cinnamon.

Kroštule are sweet bites made mostly in the coastal regions, with some similarities and differences compared to fritule. Kroštule are also deep fried, but made out of the thin dough strips shaped in little bows or knots that are later sprinkled with powdered sugar. Although they are deep–fried desserts, kroštule have a crunchy texture, while fritule are chewy.

The list of delicious winter dishes could go on and on, but it would be the best if you come and try them yourselves! If you are looking for a place to stay, check our hotel offers in Istria, the island of Krk and Dalmatia. Whichever region you choose, it is a foodie paradise. Bon appetit!

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