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Vitamin Sea: Discover The Healing Power of The Adriatic


The mesmerizing panorama of the Adriatic is synonymous with rejuvenation and peace, which is one of the reasons why millions of people from all over the world come to experience it firsthand every summer. But beyond its aesthetic beauty, the sea brings a holistic essence of wellness and well-being. The very nature of a seaside environment - the salt water, the salty air, and the sheer act of observing the water - each holds potential therapeutic qualities that might be the reason why a seaside holiday just feels SO good.

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Immerse Yourself: Salt Water and Wellness

The Adriatic, like all seas and oceans, is a reservoir of saline wonders that could have some incredible benefits for health and well-being.
The main one happens while taking a plunge in the refreshing water. This stimulates blood flow, which has a revitalizing effect because it enhances the functions of many body systems, as well as contributes to alertness and overall mood. Apart from this, the mineral content of seawater, which includes magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, and iodine, is responsible for the soothing benefits for the skin. These nutrients are also absorbed by hair, which results in healthier hair but also that unique beach look that we all love. So swimming in the Adriatic is not just a fun summer activity, but it might have some real health benefits for us.

While the Adriatic might be a bit too cold to enjoy during the late autumn, winter, and early spring, you get to enjoy its wonders in heated indoor pools with fresh seawater, available in Aminess Maestral Hotel in Novigrad. If you’re in search of a decadent wellness experience at any time of the year, we wholeheartedly recommend the luxurious Aminess Khalani Hotel in Makarska, which features one of the best wellness and SPA centers in the region.

Breathe In: Healing Benefits of Salty Air

Taking a deep breath by the Adriatic isn't just refreshing, it's healing. Even though the salty sea breeze is not a magical cure for serious ailments, it could affect our overall well-being. This has been well known for a long time - ever since the 18th century it has been quite popular to look for treatments of respiratory issues in facilities close to the sea or ocean. This is because the air in proximity to large saltwater surfaces contains higher levels of iodine, salt, and magnesium, which are beneficial to the respiratory system.

Another potential benefit lies in negative ions, which are present in the air surrounding the sea. The research has shown that they could have a positive effect on a person's mental health, such as decreasing the symptoms of depression, as well as stimulating one’s cognitive performance. So just being near the Adriatic could be a rejuvenating mood booster that you need.

Take a Look: Benefits of Looking at the Sea

While the tactile benefits of the sea are undeniable, merely beholding its vastness could offer healing of its own. All of us have witnessed a relaxing feeling while staring at the sea, and there’s science that backs this up. It has been proven that looking at a large body of water changes our brain’s frequency and puts us in a mild meditative state. Apart from this, listening to the melodic crashing of waves activates our parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation. It is also widely thought that the color blue enhances creativity, so the deep blue shade of the Adriatic could also play a role here.

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, seeking 'Vitamin Sea' isn't just a luxury, it's something that we all need. So, whether you dive into its depths, breathe in its invigorating air, or simply soak in its panoramic beauty, the Adriatic beckons you to experience its magic.

Taking all this into consideration, there’s no reason to postpone your next visit to the Croatian coast. Take a look at our beach-front facilities along the coast and islands and plan your next rejuvenating experience!

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