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Tips For Hiking And Cycling on Korčula Island


The most beautiful parts of nature are usually those that are secluded and wild. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are out of reach, but they might be a bit harder to access if not on foot or by bicycle. And who to enjoy nature’s beauty with if not your partner? Whether you want a non-stop active vacation, additional exercise or occasional tour around the island and its surroundings, Korčula is an excellent choice. Numerous romantic places and sights, along with sports and spare time activities, make for a perfect couple getaway in September and October.

Aminess Hotels & Resorts on Korčula Island

If you are looking for accommodation on Korčula, the island of eternal beauty resounding with the sounds of klapa songs and romantic sword dances, we’ve got you covered!


Hiking and walking along Korčula’s landmarks

Although you might want to explore the island by yourselves, it is best to stick to the usual routes, especially if you are beginners. There are many hiking routes and promenades on Korčula, ranging between easy and difficult and taking several hours to complete so make sure you are well prepared.

Depending on which one you take, the route paths will pass along the beaches, through the woods, by the churches, vineyards, even restaurants and shops where you can stop by to try and buy the local products like wine, cheese and honey.

One of our favourites is Route Kočje; it starts and ends in Žrnovo village and goes through the Protected Forest vegetation reserve Kočje in between. The road, surrounded by a century-old forest and dolomite rock, offers a stunning view of Pelješac peninsula and nearby bays. The legends say the fairies often visit the local water spring, so make sure you pass near it. With or without fairies, it is a good refreshing spot!

If you are looking for suitable accommodation, we suggest Aminess Lume Hotel, a hotel in an isolated location with Hikers Friendly Certificate that will be perfect for keeping you well-rested and ready to take on new challenges, while also having a romantic vibe and various couples offers.

Cycling across Korčula

The island of Korčula offers plenty of asphalt and gravel roads for those who prefer riding the bicycle and exploring their destination on two wheels. From easier, few hours long rides to day-long demanding routes suited for experienced, professional riders, everyone will find a cycling route that meets their needs. Your journey will be accompanied by beautiful sights, those of Korčula and the nearby islands Lastovo and Mljet and the Pelješac peninsula.

Our recommendation is the circular route that starts and ends in Korčula and passes through the village of Lumbarda. The best part is, you will be riding in the shade of the pine, cypress and olive trees the first half of the route!

There’s no need to be concerned about not being able to bring your bike with you on holiday, since there are multiple places where you can rent one. You can also opt for staying at hike and bike-friendly hotels, such as Aminess Liburna Hotel or Marko Polo Hotel by Aminess, where you can rent a bicycle near the hotel and safely store it in the hotel's bike room. Should you want an option that’s even more convenient, Aminess Port9 Resort offers both bike rental and storage.

Food and other activities on and near Korčula

There are more than enough activities to try and close-by places to see on and around Korčula, particularly for those who prefer an active vacation and spending time in nature.

Some of our top recommendations for this autumn are:

Before and after, maybe even during all those energy-consuming activities, you will certainly need to eat and drink. And what better way to end the day than a romantic, peaceful and delicious dinner with your partner. Taste authentic Dalmatian cuisine with a stunning view of the sea on the terrace of Konoba Lanterna, one of Aminess Port9 Resort’s restaurants.

Should you wish for an even more romantic and elegant place to eat, head to Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel and their Brasserie à la carte restaurant. From breakfast to dinner, you will find a wide selection of both Mediterranean and international dishes. You should absolutely take your partner for dinner there, as looking at the sunset from the restaurant’s terrace is one of, if not the most romantic views on Korčula!

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