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Here’s a list of hidden islands and beaches you have to visit when you visit Korčula!


When on Korčula, the main aim is to get to the beach and to enjoy the sun. The coast of Korčula is mostly steep and rocky, especially the south overlooking the open sea. However, it is 182 km long, so it hides a large number of very beautiful bays and beaches. Most of the beaches on Korčula Island are pebble beaches, but you can find sandy ones, too. To make your choice easier, here are the best beaches to visit, as well as the surrounding islands worth a one day boat trip!

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Vela Pržina

If you love sandy beaches, then you must visit Lumbarda. There you will find two beautiful sandy beaches. One of them is called Vela Pržina, a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by picturesque vineyards. It is arguably the most popular beach on the island, so you can expect a lot of other people here, especially during high season. Still, no matter how crowded it might get, the sea is always perfectly clean. The beach features a bar where you can enjoy a cocktail or two, and it is possible to rent deck chairs and parasols as well.

Bilin Žal

Bilin Žal beach is located closer to the centre of Lumbarda, and it overlooks Pelješac and a group of islands called Škoji. Bilin Žal beach is smaller than Vela Pržina and is a favourite among the locals. It is ideal for families with small children because it has a very shallow and sandy entrance to the sea.


There is also Žitna, which is a deep bay that hides the beach of the same name. It is one of the most romantic beaches on the island, located near the centre of Zavalatica. You can reach it by car or on foot from Zavalatica. It is a gorgeous pebble beach with bright turquoise waters, surrounded by rich vegetation. If you prefer to spend time on the rocky beach, Žitna offers plenty of opportunities for that too, since the main pebble beach is surrounded by rocks that offer more privacy.

Pupnatska Luka

Pupnatska Luka is one of the most beautiful beaches on Korčula Island. Also, it is one of many beautiful, well-protected bays on the south coast. Surrounded by crystal clear sea and lush vegetation, it offers an amazing view of the archipelago of the island of Lastovo. There are also drinking water springs on the beach that offer refreshment during the hot summer days. You can reach it by road from Pupnat, which is about 5 km away.

Visit hidden islands of Korčula

If you need a bigger adventure, take a boat and go to some of the little islands in the vicinity of Korčula Islands. There are many of them that have no population, but only beaches and the sea and are perfect for a day trip if you want some time alone, just you and your people. However, there are some of the little islands that have plenty to see and experience.

Badija Island

The island Badija is recognizable by its fallow deer population which were brought to the island in 1958. Over the years, the fallow deer have settled in and become accustomed to the presence of humans, so they can often be seen eating from tourists’, and especially children’s hands. Almost the entire surface of Badija is covered in macchia thickets and pine woods, with the highest point on the island being only 74m.

On the highest point of Badija lies the Church of St. Catherine which was used as a watchtower during war periods. Finally, Badija is the island of Our Lady and you can visit the monastery which is now a catholic spiritual centre which offers accommodation for pilgrims. Badija and all of its surrounding natural beauty can be explored with a leisurely stroll along the gravel path, which goes around the islet. To get to Badija you’ll have to take the boat from the island of Korčula. For all the information about how to get to Badija, check the link.

Proizd Island

Another small island in the vicinity of Korčula is Proizd Island. Its beaches have won the best beach reward in Croatia in the years 2007 and 2012. Proizd in a nature oasis and a real pearl of the Adriatic. Nature abundantly bestowed upon it its most precious gifts: crystal clear sea, sparkling white pebbles and air rich in the soothing fragrance of Mediterranean vegetation. There is also a restaurant on the island in which you can have lunch or refreshment.

Vela Stupa Island

Vela Stupa is an island with a beautiful untouched beaches. One of them is Moro beach Stupe where you can directly come by boat and enjoy the whole day. It’s one of a kind beach concept in a natural lagoon located on Vela Stupa island, a short hop from Korčula town in the heart of the Adriatic Sea. Once you swing by Stupe, surely you’ll be #back4moro.

Vrnik Island

50 m high, with the village of the same name, is the site of the oldest and the most famous Korčula quarry. Only a few families today live in this picturesque village, and they let rooms and apartments to the guests. Taxi boats from Korčula town run to the island only in high tourist season so take the chance to get there while you can!

Going to these islands is not a problem if you are situated in one of Aminess Hotels & Campsites places. Book your stay at the Korčula Island and we will be pleased to help you with all the needed information!

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