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Is Autumn A Good Season to Visit Croatia?


Most of the tourists choose summer for a vacation in Croatia, trying to take advantage of the warm land and sea temperatures. While it truly is great to spend your summer days in Croatia, staying here in autumn is probably even better, especially if you are looking for a peaceful place to get some rest and recharge your batteries. That doesn’t mean that you will be bored, on the contrary - there are lots of events happening across the country that will surely grab your attention.

Read all about them and find out the main reasons why you should start packing for your autumn Croatian holiday.

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Nice weather and more space

The temperatures are slightly lower than in the summer, but generally the weather is still nice, particularly on the coast. Because of the mild Mediterranean climate, you will definitely be able to enjoy sunny days and probably even go for a swim.

You will also have more space, in every sense of the word. There are significantly fewer tourists than in the summer. Therefore, it is easier to find a parking space, accommodation or table at the restaurant, book a tour or take up an activity. The photography enthusiasts among you will also appreciate being able to take pictures of the landmarks or portraits without crowds in the background.

Activities and events

ISo many outdoor activities and sports are very pleasant in autumn. As it is kind of a moody season, you get various scenarios. If the weather leans towards the summerish one, you can enjoy water sports and sunbathing without the heatwave or large crowds. If it is not as warm, it is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling while enjoying the beautiful nature. Should the weather be cold or rainy, there are plenty of indoor activities to try or wellness zones to relax in.

IThe events also follow the weather conditions, so you will find outdoor and indoor concerts, art and theatrical performances and similar gatherings, somewhere even a combination of both. Autumn events are always colourful, like the season itself. Food and wine festivals, sports events, art exhibitions and many more things. The choice is yours and there is a lot to choose from!

Gastronomy and other postseason benefits

Autumn will delight you with seasonal fruits and vegetables you can’t try in the summer. They are found in many delicious traditional Croatian dishes. Apart from that, you might be able to combine food and drinks tasting with other events, such as olive picking or wine making, depending on when and where your visit takes place.  

One of the most notable benefits of autumn vacation is saving money. Since the summer is considered the prime of the season, autumn is so-called postseason and that quite affects the prices. From plane tickets to accommodation to fees for various events or activities, you will be able to save a lot of money by opting for autumn vacation instead of the summer one. That means you can extend your stay or add some new experiences to the bucket list while still staying on budget!

Autumn in Aminess Hotels & Campsites

If you're still wondering where to go or start your Croatian autumn journey from, we have a few truly wonderful suggestions.

Novigrad in Istria is always a great idea, so why not make it an even better one and combine it with running, wellness, gourmet food or a cooking class? Participate in the Novigrad Cittanova RUN race on 8 October while taking up the special offer and staying in Aminess Maestral Hotel! This is also a place where all of the foodies can delight their taste buds with Gourmet Nights and a cooking class by one of Croatia’s best chefs, David Skoko. As the demand for both is usually quite high, various dates are available. In between enjoying the delicious food and recreational activities, relax in hotel’s top-notch wellness facilities and round up a perfect vacation!

The island of Krk is another great option for an autumn vacation in Croatia, especially if you are looking for a couple getaway. If you would like to be surrounded by nature but still have all kinds of amenities, Aminess Gaia Green Villas is one of the best choices you can make.

Makarska is a phenomenal location to stay when in Dalmatia. You will have many opportunities for enjoying an active or  . You can discover the region by taking one of many available field trips to gorgeous sites and enjoy the appetising and charming Gourmet Nights in the luxurious Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel.

Fans of   should head to the island of Korčula! Its numerous astonishing trails will leave you speechless. When you get tired and hungry, head to one of the Aminess Gourmet restaurants and savour the exquisite meals.

Whichever destination you choose, you simply can’t go wrong. Have a great time this autumn in Croatia!

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