Aminess Cooking with Class by David Skoko

A weekend dedicated to relaxation and cooking with one of Croatia’s best chefs!

Cook alongside David Skoko, relax in the Aminess Maestral Hotel, taste exquisite Istrian wines and go hunting for truffles!

Aminess Cooking with Class by David Skoko is a new gourmet cooking concept combining enjoyment in the beautiful surroundings of Istria and Novigrad and cooking alongside renowned chef David Skoko. Yes, you read that right – we have prepared a special programme to help you relax, but also inspire you to learn how to prepare delicious dishes from one of Croatia’s finest chefs, David Skoko, ready to lend you a skilful hand and helpful advice. Take the opportunity to discover our award-winning Vergal olive oil, the ideal partner for creating impeccable delicacies. Your host, the Aminess Maestral Hotel, is the perfect place for recharging your batteries, and it offers carefully selected wellness packages, active sports programmes, and cooking, as an additional reason to visit Novigrad.

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