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Late Summer & Early Autumn - the Perfect Timing to Get to Know Istrian Wines


The time is ripe! Just like the sweet fruit that ripens this time of year, it’s precisely the right moment to witness the colourful change in nature, it’s time to be active and spend a holiday break having unique gourmet experiences with amazing wines while exploring the beauty of Istrian coast and inland. Here’s just a preview of what you could be enjoying in late summer and early autumn:

The liveliest time of year in Istrian vineyards

As busy as a beehive! That’s what vineyards of Istria look like in September. The moment has arrived for grape growers to reap the fruits of their labour after a year of hard work. Witness the movement, excitement and lively atmosphere in beautiful scenery. It’s also a great opportunity to find out more about the production process from the moment the grapes are picked.

Excellent wine makers in top wine making region

What makes Istria such a popular wine making region? Apart from tradition dating back centuries, Croatia’s largest peninsula has a specific kind of rich soil which is perfectly complemented by a mild climate with plenty of sunshine. Regularly listed as a top wine destination in Europe and wider, Istria is home to authentic wines which beautifully reflect the land they are grown on.

A visit to an Istrian winery is not only about tasting exceptional locally grown wine but also provides a valuable insight into the production and it is an outstanding example of warm hospitality. So, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the finest wines of Istria: well-rounded and refreshing Istrian Malvasia, robust and fruity Teran, golden rich Momjan Muscat. Head to Kozlović winery in Momjan, Matošević winery in Krunčići near Lim Channel, Degrassi Moreno winery in Bašanija near Cape Savudrija, Coronica winery near Umag, Kabola winery in Momjan, or others of your preference, and enjoy a glass of authentic wine produced with true passion in breathtaking Istrian winegrowing scenery.

Celebrating wine at the right moment

With pleasant weather and less heat, the conditions are just ideal for being active in Istria. If you embark on a cycling adventure along the Istrian trails, mark a few stops along the way at vineyards to feel the excitement of harvest time or at wineries to try selected local wines and get an authentic Istrian souvenir.

Events in the northwestern part of the peninsula are also a great invitation to join in the celebration of Istrian wine making. Buje marks the grape-harvesting season with the Holiday of Grapes on September 13-15, an event which provides an excellent opportunity to try Istrian wines and food in addition to a rich entertainment program. On September 28 you can also Wine & Walk by the sea in Novigrad, a fabulous choice for all fans of wine, delicious food and the outdoors. It involves following a 10km-long route and tasting the best of local wine and gourmet scene along the way.

Toast to perfect timing

Raise a glass of exceptional Istrian wine, be it Malvasia, Teran or Muscat, and toast to lovely Istria in late summer and early autumn, heartfelt hospitality, beautiful nature and its amazing fruits. Cheers!

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