Weather Island of Korčula
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    Weather on Korčula
    365 days. 2700 hours of sun.

    The island of Korčula is surrounded by crystal waters and 182km of coastline with countless beautiful beaches. If you still want more, you can explore the 48 islets off Korčula’s coast.

    As a full-blooded Mediterranean destination, Korčula is blessed with a mild climate with warm summers and comfortable winters. The average yearly temperature is just below 17°C, and the summer average is a perfect 26.9°C. The humidity is blown away by the refreshing mistral wind that blows over the Pelješac Channel, filling the sails of windsurfers. Korčula’s mild climate will be great for your complexion, and the lush green forests will help relax your eyes.

    Top 5 benefits of Korčula’s climate

    • average summer sea temperature around 22.3°C
    • 61% of the island is covered with green forest and maquis
    • the scent of aromatic herbs: immortelle, sage, lavender, rosemary, and marjoram
    • there are various types of game on the island: hare, pheasants, wild duck, and boar
    • rains are rare, at an average of only 41 days a year

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