Culture Island of Korčula
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    Culture on Korčula
    The island with the longest tradition of knightly tournaments in the Mediterranean

    Korčula’s culture lives on in its traditional brotherhoods and sword dances, as well as in the melodies of klapa folk singing, which has earned a place on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

    Korčula’s residents are especially proud of the moreška - a knightly sword dance from the 12th century once held across the Mediterranean that has survived only in Korčula. Korčula’s brotherhoods, active since 1301 AD, were founded as religious orders whose members were nobles and commoners alike, even despite the great class differences of the times. Visit the local churches and explore their rich heritage.

    Top 5 places for culture in the town of Korčula

    • The moreška and the kumpanjija and moštra line dances
    • All Saints’ Church, home of the collection of the brotherhood of All Saints, the oldest on Korčula
    • St. Michael’s Church, home of the collection of the brotherhood of St. Michael, which includes candles that weigh up to 80kg
    • Marco Polo Museum, in which you can enter the world of this famous mariner
    • St. Anthony’s Hill, a 30 minute walk from the centre of Korčula, with a church and fantastic panorama

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