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Where To Go On New Year’s Eve In Dalmatia and Istria


Some say it’s the best night of the year, others disagree, we say it is as good as you make it. Yes, we are talking about New Year’s Eve, the night in which we say farewell to this year and give a warm welcome to the next one. If you are looking for a place to say hello to the year 2023, start packing your suitcases and search for available means of transport that will get you to Croatia. Here are some wonderful locations where you can enjoy New Year’s Eve just the way you want and truly make it the best night of 2022!

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Novigrad, Istria

Although it is mainly considered to be a rather quiet and peaceful fishing town, Novigrad shines brightly at New Year’s Eve. There are many indoor and outdoor events you can attend to wait for midnight to come and mark the beginning of the New Year or opt for a more intimate celebration, the choice is yours.

One of the most comfortable places you can spend time around the New Year in Novigrad is certainly a nice hotel such as Aminess Maestral Hotel or Aminess Laguna Hotel. You will be warm no matter the weather outside and enjoy the delicious gourmet meals, not to mention many hotel amenities. Starting 2023 relaxing in a spa, swimming in the indoor pool or having a massage? There aren’t many ways that are better than that!

The Island of Korčula, Dalmatia

The historic and beautiful island of Korčula is filled with events during summer, but in winter as well. It is the perfect choice for all of you who prefer to spend the time around the New Year in a place with a mild climate and moderate temperature with a good chance for the weather to be sunny. The town of Korčula is known to take events to a different level. For example, they also celebrate the Half New Year’s Eve on July 30th! Knowing this, you can be sure to find an ideal location to be at for the countdown to the “traditional” New Year.

The celebrations are extended all the way to New Year’s Day at noon, when the whole town once again welcomes 2023 with a toast at the Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel! Besides the comfortable accommodation, the hotel guests can also enjoy the special New Year menu, filled with delicious meals and drinks. The best thing of all, in 6 months you can come back to Korčula and experience the summer celebrations of 2023!

If you are still undecided about where to be at the New Year’s Eve, you can find all of these options in our special offers section, along with the designated New Year menus with excellent food selection. We are not sure that will help with making the decision, though, as all of the listed dishes are beyond delicious!

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