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Tips For A Dog-Friendly Vacation in Croatia


Croatia, with its stunning coastlines, lush national parks, and historic cities, offers a unique vacation experience for travelers — including those with four-legged companions. Planning is key when it comes to creating a seamless and enjoyable holiday with your dog. With pet-friendly amenities and beautiful landscapes, Croatia, as well as Aminess Hotels & Resorts, is a paradise for pets and their owners alike.

In this blog, we'll guide you through planning the perfect Croatian getaway with your loyal companion, from basic travel requirements, tips for comfortable travel, local cultural etiquette concerning dogs, and some fabulous dog-friendly accommodation options in Croatia.

Aminess Hotels & Resorts

Meet our friendly hotels and campsites in Croatia's top destinations: Istria, Dalmatia and Kvarner.


Planning Your Dog-Friendly Trip to Croatia

Essential Pet Travel Documentation

Before embarking on your Croatian adventure, it's essential to have all your pet travel documents in order. This includes a microchip for identification, a pet passport, and up-to-date vaccination records against rabies. Make sure to check Croatia's latest entry requirements well ahead of your travel dates to ensure a smooth journey.

Packing Essentials for Your Pooch

Packing for your pet is just as important as packing for yourself. Remember to bring their favorite food, water bowls, leash, bedding, and any medications they may need. Comfort items like toys can also help ease the stress of travel for your dog, so they will be more than welcome while traveling.

Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Croatia

We at Aminess Hotels & Resorts embrace the joy of traveling with pets! With the PUPPYNESS programme, Aminess ensures that your pet feels as welcome as you do. From the moment you check-in, your dog will be greeted with special treats and amenities designed to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Selecting Your Ideal Aminess Dog-Friendy Accommodation

No matter what type of accommodation or region of Adriatic you choose, Aminess has tailored options for you and your pet. All of our facilities are dog friendly, except the 5* Aminess Khalani Hotel in Makarska:

  • Our Holiday Homes, available on the islands of Krk, Pag, Korčula, as well as Novigrad, provide a cozy setting with a water bowl, a welcome cookie, and a leash pendant.
  • The 3-star hotels, available in Njivice, Orebić, and Novigrad, offer the same essentials.
  • The 4-star hotels and residences in Novigrad, Korčula, and Orebić include the essential pack, with the addition of a toy for extra fun.
  • If camping is your preferred style of accommodation, we’re happy to share that all of our campsites are dog-friendly as well.

For the ultimate in pet pampering, selected hotels and holiday homes also include a plush pet bed and a towel, ensuring a luxurious stay for your furry friend.

Find out more about the dog-friendly options in Aminess facilities.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Croatia

While dogs are not typically allowed on public beaches in Croatia, there are plenty of specific locations where you can spend a day in the sun with your pooch, complete with all the necessary facilities for a hassle-free outing.

Croatia's coastline is dotted with numerous dog-friendly beaches, which are also available near our hotels in Novigrad, Krk, Korčula, and Orebić. These spots provide designated areas for dogs to swim and play, ensuring a day at the beach is enjoyable for everyone.

For some of our top picks check out our blog Pets Friendly Beaches In Croatia.

Cultural Etiquette and Considerations

Croatians are generally pet-friendly so you shouldn’t feel worried about this aspect of travel. However, as almost everywhere else in the world, it's always appreciated when pet owners are considerate of others by keeping their dogs on a leash in public spaces and ensuring they do not disturb wildlife or local inhabitants.

In Croatia, it's essential to adhere to local laws regarding dogs. This includes leash laws in public areas, especially in crowded urban areas, picking up after your dog, and respecting signs that indicate non-pet-friendly zones. Compliance with these few simple rules ensures a pleasant environment for all and helps maintain Croatia's beauty.

Croatia's warm embrace extends to visitors of all kinds, including our cherished four-legged buddies. Its diverse landscapes, from serene beaches to the bustling streets of ancient towns, offer a great mix of experiences for both humans and pets.

Check out the dog-friendly stay options in Aminess Hotels & Resorts and start planning your next Croatian adventure!

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