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Explore The Best Beaches On The Island Of Krk


Krk Island in the Kvarner region boasts stunning beaches that cater to various preferences. With its convenient location and pleasant Mediterranean climate, visitors can fully enjoy swimming, sunbathing and numerous water activities. While all the beaches on the island offer beauty and clear waters, some stand out for their accessibility, suitability for different visitors, and pristine natural surroundings. Here are our top picks!

Aminess Hotels & Resorts in Njivice on Krk Island

Active-holiday seekers who wish to stay right next to the gorgeous Krk beaches can choose one of our hotels in Njivice, close to everything they might need.


Vela plaža – Baška

Vela plaža or “The Big Beach” in a little town called Baška is one of the most famous beaches in Croatia, not just Krk. It has one of the longest coastlines, spreading an impressive 1.8 kilometres! While the coast is made of natural pebbles, the sea bottom is sandy so it is a perfect solution for those who can’t make up their mind about which they prefer.

The sea is crystal clear and the beach holds the Blue Flag which confirms that the sea is clean and the coast offers a variety of services. Vela plaža is a great choice for all types of visitors and even has a part that is pets-friendly. You can get to the beach by car, bike or on foot. Just make sure you catch a spot in the sun or under the parasol because no matter how long the coastline is, there are even more people who want to enjoy this popular beach!

Oprna – Stara Baška

A small village that is Stara Baška has many gorgeous beaches and one of those that stand out is definitely Oprna. This secluded beach can be accessed by boat or on foot, but be careful and wear appropriate shoes, as the road leading to it is very steep and uneven.

Once you are there, you will find the stunning pebble beach, clean blue sea and a bar. Remember to check the working hours and the menu, so you are prepared for spending a long time in this hidden gem!

Meline - Soline Bay

Meline is a sandy beach known for its healing mud. It is believed that a special type of mud found there can help with skin issues and ease the bone pain, if applied to the problematic part. The beach is accessible by all means of transport and has numerous services available nearby.

The sea is shallow and a couple of degrees warmer than in other parts of the island, so it is suitable for children and non–swimmers. It also means you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing longer throughout the year in Soline Bay!

Golden Bay - Stara Baška

Velo čelo, Biškupići or Golden Bay are all the names of another secluded beach near Stara Baška. Unlike Oprna, it can only be accessed by boat. Luckily, there are taxi boats that often carry the passengers to this breathtaking place.

The pebble beach is often called Golden Bay or Golden Beach because the high cliff that surrounds it seems to be coloured gold. It is surrounded by a clear and clean turquoise sea ideal for snorkelling. The beach is suitable for anyone who loves pebble beaches and isn’t afraid of travelling by boat!

Camp Njivice - Njivice

Along the camping area of Njivice you will find a beautiful, mostly pebble and partly rocky beach and clean turquoise-blue sea. Not only can you enjoy swimming and sunbathing, you can also try other water activities like SUP, kayaking and diving or rent a jet ski, banana or pedal boat.

When you get tired of activities, there is natural shade all around the beach where you can hide from the sun and rest or have an outdoor massage, as well as lounge bars with refreshing cocktails. If you are travelling with pets, head to Atea Camping Dog Beach where both of you can enjoy the spacious beach and other services.

Accommodation on the island of Krk

The good thing about Krk as your vacation destination is its accessibility, as it is connected to the land by a bridge. Despite being one of the biggest islands in Croatia, you can easily travel between its lovely towns and villages and get from farthest north to the farthest south point of the island by moderate driving in around 45 minutes. Find a place to stay that suits your needs and wishes and enjoy the coastal treasures of Krk!

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