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Top 5 Wonders of Nature in Southern Dalmatia


Look beyond the lovely beach you have singled out as your perfect spot to rest by the sea! Look to the stunning examples of nature’s work in southern Dalmatia and enrich your holiday with trips to unforgettable places, not only because they are unique and photo-worthy, but also to feel inspiration and awe before nature’s creation.

Mljet National Park

Immerse yourself in the endless greenery of Mljet, a pearl of nature in the Adriatic Sea! The western part of the ‘green island’ has been a national park since 1960. Home to a variety of animal and plant species, it invites you to enjoy exceptional beauty of Great Lake and Small Lake and the island of St Mary with the 12th century Benedictine monastery. Apart from the national park, don’t miss the chance to enter the spectacular Odysseus’ Cave, where the hero from the Greek mythology was said to have shipwrecked.

Lastovo Islands Nature Park

Welcome to Lastovo - your sailing paradise in the Adriatic Sea! One of the most recently declared nature parks (2006.), it comprises 46 islands, islets and rocks, with Lastovo island as the largest of them all. The best way to appreciate the stunning beauty of this area is to sail around the islands, dive or snorkel to discover the amazing underwater world and then stop in a charming village, where time seems to stand still, for refreshment.

Vis archipelago

See the most amazing shades of blue ever imaginable! The island of Vis together with the islands of Biševo, Sveti Andrija, Brusnik, Jabuka and Palagruža forms part of an archipelago which is partially of volcanic origin and is protected as such. Apart from its laid-back atmosphere and tranquility, Vis has become known for its magnificent Stiniva cove with a beautiful beach surrounded by rocks and cliffs.

The archipelago is also known for the breathtaking interplay of light and sea in the Blue Cave and the Monk Seal Cave on Biševo as well as the Green Cave on Ravnik. Unique scenery is also found on the tiny ‘black’ island of Brusnik, the rocky islets of Palagruža with a lighthouse and the ‘cone’ of Jabuka, a popular diving spot.

Korčula archipelago

Sail around the fascinating islands east near Korčula! The archipelago situated east of Korčula town consists of twentyish, mostly uninhabited, islands, islets and rocks. Their lush vegetation and the greenish blue crystal clear sea in quiet coves makes them favourite excursion destinations, the most popular being Badija, Vrnik and Majsan.

Elafiti islands

Discover the gems of southernmost part of Croatia! The perfect oasis for an escape from the buzzing city of Dubrovnik, Elafiti include fourteen islands, the largest three of which are inhabited - Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Their scenery is breathtaking with cliffs, sandy beaches, thick Mediterranean vegetation and occasional lighthouse.

Awe-inspiring works of nature

Take a moment to fully appreciate a paradise on Earth around you and treasure the feeling of inspiration it evokes. After all, natural attractions of southern Dalmatia in the form of islands of all shapes and sizes, bare cliffs and shades of green as far as the eye can see, untouched coves with transparent sea, are bound to take your breath away.

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