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Discover The Hotel Chosen By Manchester City And Serena Williams


If you’re a professional athlete, your lifestyle might appear perfect in the eyes of a stranger, but it is in fact full of challenges. Whether you are on vacation or in pre-season practice, you must maintain your fitness at a high level. In other words, you must train hard and balance your diet. And not just train hard, because certain requirements must be met.

Aminess Maestral Hotel might just be the place for you, offering beautiful accommodation paired with indoor and outdoor activities and facilities, perfect for both professional athletes and anyone in search of an active holiday.

Aminess Hotels & Resorts in Novigrad, in Istria

Discover the best choice of accommodation in Novigrad, right next to well-kept beaches kissed by the clean sea.


Novigrad, a pre-season football paradise

At Aminess Maestral Hotel in Novigrad, you can find two top quality and well-maintained football pitches: one grass and one FIFA Quality Pro artificial turf. Additionally, there are three more fields available nearby, 500 metres to 9 kilometres away from the hotel itself. It is also possible to organise friendly football matches to test yourselves for various competitions during pre-season preparations.

But training is just one of the things you need while getting ready for the challenges ahead of you; recovery plays just as important role. Your muscles need special treatment and care in order to reduce the risk of injuries and increase stamina. After training hard, train even harder in the gym on state-of-the-art machines or relax in one of the saunas, hot tubs or ice pool. You can also go for a swim outdoors or indoors in a heated seawater pool. Mild climate allows you to train and take advantage of everything Novigrad has to offer all year round, and positions Aminess Maestral Hotel as a true pre-season champion.

Many football clubs have recognized that, over a hundred of them! Manchester City, Barcelona, Benfica Lisbon, and Dinamo Zagreb are among those who chose to prepare themselves here for a new season full of challenging tournaments and difficult matches. In fact, the Manchester City crew and players loved it so much they have been coming to Aminess Maestral Hotel every pre-season for the last couple of years!

Tennis - play on clay

Kings and queens of clay certainly have a lot to enjoy in Novigrad! With 17 courts available nearby, the town has been a tennis destination for many Croatian and European schools, who have organised camps and tournaments for their students here. Even the famous professional tennis players Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka chose to train and relax in Aminess Maestral Hotel in Novigrad. You don’t have to be a pro, though, to try for yourself. With equipment rental and private lessons at your disposal, anyone can learn or improve their skills. And all of this while enjoying the view of the seaside and the smell of pines! For a fully relaxed experience, head for an after-training massage and spa.

Plethora of sports and fun activities

Novigrad is a small town that has plenty to offer. For example, there are approximately 500 marked cycling trails in and around the town. Enjoy the beautiful nature carefree, knowing that you have all the services you need for your bike. From 24-hours video surveillance room to bike service and repair, guided tours and cycling events - you are all set for an amazing adventure on two wheels. If you don’t have your own bike, no worries. You can rent it, even an electric one if you prefer, at the Aminess Maestral Hotel Sports Centre.

Being by the sea, there are a number of water sports you can have a go at. Windsurfing, parasailing, jet-ski, paddle boat, kayak, canoe, banana boat and inner tube rides are just some of them. If standing firmly on the ground sounds better, try padel at Aminess Maestral Hotel. Padel is a racquet sport, best described as a unique combination of tennis and squash. It is fast-paced, easy to learn and lots of fun!

Amateurs and professionals looking for a place to train, have fun, recover, relax and eat healthy? Look no further, Aminess Maestral Hotel is all you need.

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