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New Pelješac Bridge: Dreamy Southern Dalmatia is Now 2 Hours Closer!


Looking for a perfect holiday destination for 2022? Look no further, because southern Dalmatia is the place to be this year.

This Croatian region attracts tourists from around the globe for a good reason - it is a rare concentration of natural and historical wonders in a small geographic area. Crystal clear waters, plenty of islands, unique nature parks, and centuries old charming Mediterranean towns are some of the things to expect.

Accessibility problem solved

This part of the country is easily accessible by plane, with internationally well-connected airports in Split and Dubrovnik. However, the situation for everyone traveling by land has not been that great. Because of Croatia’s complicated geography, traveling to the south was quite time-consuming. As the country is split in two territories, separated with a tiny part of Bosnian land and the city of Neum, the travel demanded crossing the border, leaving the EU, and then entering again before continuing the journey.

With completion of the Pelješac bridge, this situation is no longer a problem! The impressive 2.400 meter long bridge now connects the two parts of the country, and thus makes the beauties of the south more accessible than ever before. Its full completion is expected in May 2022, so anyone planning to visit some of this region’s hip places this summer can count on a much shorter travel time. You can expect to save up to 2 hours in one way.

This means 4 hours more for enjoying your holidays!

To give you some ideas for your upcoming Croatian vacation, we’ve listed several must-visit spots in this region:


This southern peninsula is a hidden gem. Unlike very hyped-up coastal spots like Dubrovnik and Hvar, Pelješac is more low-key in terms of widespread popularity. And this is actually great news, because it means avoiding massive crowds of tourists, as well as the unreasonably high prices everywhere you go.

While it's hard to summarize everything Pelješac has to offer in just a few sentences, there are some absolute must-visits:

  • Orebić, atmospheric coastal city of captains and sailors with a 500-year-old history
  • Surfing and windsurfing opportunities in Viganj, which is very rare for the Adriatic
  • Top-notch wines from local vineyards and spectacular traditional gastronomy
  • Panoramic views from the Sv. Ilija hill
  • Great beaches, including Trstenica sand beach near Orebić.

If you are looking for a peaceful spot on the Croatian coast, this is it. Make sure to check Aminess Grand Azur Hotel, as well as our three other beachfront properties in Orebić, designed for a relaxing and carefree holiday experience.


A 20-minute ferry ride from Orebić will take you to Korčula. This lush green island offers a perfect blend of nature, unique local culture and increasing number of hip places, so it will be a great choice for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday with some entertainment. This increasingly popular destination is trending worldwide and is often visited by A-list celebs like Beyoncé, but still manages to remain unpretentious and very enjoyable.

Some of the top things to see while you’re there:

  • Old town of Korčula, with breathtaking medieval architecture dating to 15th century
  • One of the main attractions of the island is Marco Polo’s house, located in the old town
  • Traditional knightly sword dances in the inland town of Blato
  • Stunning sand beaches in Lumbarda, a contrast to the rocky shores of the rest of the island
  • Endless small groves that can be visited by boat for a private beach experience.

For a perfect stay in this Mediterranean oasis check out our stylish and luxurious Aminess Port9 Resort, as well as the Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel, a carefully renovated property with a long history of some fabulous guests like Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren.

National and Nature Parks

And last but not least, southern Dalmatia hides some of Europe’s top nature wonders:

  • Mljet, a neighboring island to Pelješac and Korčula, is home to one of the country's 8 national parks. Expect lush green forests, ruins of an ancient Roman fortress, mythical Odysseus' cave, 2 spectacular lakes, and perhaps the highlight of the park - tiny St. Mary island in one of the lakes, featuring an 800-year-old monastery. An island on an island, how rare is that!
  • Lastovo, an isolated group of 46 islands populated by only 792 people, is the youngest Croatian nature park. Peaceful and quiet vibe of the main island of the same name will be perfect for anyone looking for an escape in untouched nature, while the archipelago gives a great opportunity for sailing and tuna fishing.

All this, and much, much more is now 2 hours closer, so make sure to treat yourself with an unforgettable holiday in this heavenly little piece of Earth.

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