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Is Croatia a Safe Destination for Solo Female Travelers?


Croatia is without a doubt one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe, attracting millions of tourists from around the world each year. In 2019 the country was visited by more than 21 million people, which is more than 5 times the number of inhabitants. But the topic rarely discussed is the safety of Croatia for female tourists who travel alone.

So is Croatia safe for all those who like to travel solo and what are some safety tips you should know before visiting?

We’ll give our best to answer these questions below, so read on!

General safety for tourists in Croatia

Let’s start with some facts: the country has very low crime rates and was ranked as the world’s 22nd safest country by Global Finance Magazine. This is higher than France (36), Italy (40), Greece (57) and the United States (65). The magazine considered factors such as war and peace, personal security, and natural disaster risk. So generally speaking - yes, Croatia is quite a safe place, rest assured.

Safety for solo female travelers in Croatia

While there is no official research specifically for female travelers, there are some sources that claim that safety should not be a concern. One of them is this Yahoo’s list of the safest European countries for solo female travelers, that placed Croatia at number 7.

Our take on this? We wholeheartedly agree. Speaking from our own experience, we can say Croatia is a very safe destination for everyone, including solo female travelers.

However, things can happen even in the safest places in the world, so it’s always good to be careful while traveling alone. Here are some of our safety tips for women traveling solo to Croatia:

Petty theft

While petty theft is not a huge concern for an average tourist in Croatia, it might happen if you don’t pay attention. This mostly goes for major tourist areas of the country. How to avoid it? Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you, be cautious of potential pick pocketing while in big crowds, and don’t leave your valuables unattended on the beach while swimming. As a solo traveler this might be a bit complicated, so make sure to either leave your phone and wallet in your hotel room, or kindly ask someone on the beach (who seems trustworthy) to keep an eye on them. People are generally happy to do this, so don’t think you’re being too intrusive.

Money Scams

Be careful while exchanging your money into the local currency. Off-brand ATMs and some unchecked exchange offices might not give you the best deal for your money, so try to stick with big banks such as Privredna Banka Zagreb, Zagrebačka Banka, Erste Bank and OTP. If there are no ATMs or banks near you, ask about the trustworthy local places to do so at the reception of your hotel.

Taxi and transportation

Transportation may be tricky as in any other major tourist destination. While it is safe to use both public transportation and taxis for solo female tourists, you should be cautious not to get ripped-off. Public transport is quite cheap, clean and regular, making it perfectly ok to use, even though you should keep an eye out for your bags (just in case). Taxis are a more risky option. Some drivers might overcharge you significantly, so take precaution - make sure to ask an approximate price before starting the ride, or use trusted companies such as Uber, Bolt, Cammeo or Eko Taxi in bigger cities. Again, if this is not available, check with the concierge or your host for reliable transportation options.

Accommodation safety

Accommodation in Croatia is not really a safety concern, no matter if you are staying in a hotel or private accommodation. However, the quality varies, so if you want your holiday to go as smoothly as possible, make sure to stay with one of the country's leading hotel brands, like Aminess! Strict quality checks and high standards are a must in all of our hotels, camps and residences, and our trained staff has wide knowledge of local dos and don'ts regarding safety. Check out the available options across the coast!

Nightlife and bars

Nightlife in Croatia is amazing in bigger cities. While fun is almost guaranteed, as a solo traveler you shouldn’t leave your drink unattended while partying to avoid any trouble. Another potential concern for female travelers is that there might be some cat calling. Our advice is just to politely reply that you’re not interested, ignore it and move on with your activities as intended - these things are usually very benign.


And that’s pretty much it. General advice for all of these situations is to approach them with common sense to avoid any trouble, and you’ll be fine. To conclude, we can truly say that Croatia is one of the safest places in the world for women traveling on their own. As we said, the biggest threat might be the sun.

Now that you know this, it’s time to start planning your trip. We know that picking a spot to visit is not an easy task, so our suggestions are:

No matter which one you chose for your solo trip, we’re sure you’ll have a blast!

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