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A holiday place where nature strengthens your health


Regardless of where you go for a holiday, the main aim is often to be technology free. Choosing places situated in nature, surrounded by fresh air and Mediterranean plants could therefore be the right place to escape your tech dailyness. Imagine a place where you would want to wake up as early as possible just to feel the freshness of the beautiful Croatian coast, go for a swim and spend your afternoons surrounded by your family, with your kids playing in pure and untouched nature. In case you are looking for such a place, there's an oasis of peace on the Croatian coast – the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort. A perfect stay for families that will provide the children with a new perspective of happiness, the chance of meeting new friends and learning about the environment and nature – everything that Aminess values and builds.

Surrounded by scents of untouched nature

The Aminess Maravea Camping Resorts offers a wide selection of Holiday Homes, especially those situated in the Mediterranean area of the camping which is completely covered by trees. Every Holiday Home has its own untouched piece of nature with bushes of fresh rosemary and sage which will give you and your children the possibility to taste and feel Croatian nature in a much different way. Modeled by the Finnish kindergarten system, Aminess provides a gardening point for children where they can play and learn about nature. This way they discover the beauty of nature, acquire new skills, learn important things about the environment, they boost their health and mainly, they take a break from all the technology surrounding them during the rest of the year. As well as you need a break from screens at your workplace, take your children on a screen-free holiday, too.

Holidays can boost the immune system

When being in contact with the land in the vicinity of the sea, children develop benefits such as improved cognitive functioning, improved immune system, improved appetite and sleep, strengthened motor development and strengthened relationship with nature. Besides that, it is tested by Finnish scientists that children who spend time in nature everyday for just a month have reduced symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and their confidence level is much higher. Being in touch with nature positively affects the field of obesity in children, making them more active and healthy, as well as it reduces bullying by teaching the children to be more understandable and friendlier to their peers.

Gardening activities for a better future

Aminess values the environment, has a strong connection with nature and carries out sustainable business practices which can as well be seen inside the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort. As children learn about the environment, they will get knowledge about recycling and reusing materials, too. Environmental education is a big part of the entertaining activities for children. The program includes scientific activities such as doing analysis of the sea world, researches of the microorganisms from the garden, as well as pure gardening, watering plants and picking the fruits when it’s time for it. All of this is done in good company where all the kids have the opportunity to spend some time together. The plan is not to give children just any environment class, but a friendly one.

When in Istria, live as the Istrians do

Nuturing sustainable values as well as looking after the consumption of water and energy is a part of Aminess’ corporate culture therefore there are lots of recycling points throughout the camping which encourage all visitors to be careful of the refuses. Inside the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort you can choose between diverse types of holiday homes regarding of what you prefer. For the best local experience book the Istrian Premium Village Holiday in the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort where you’ll be surrounded by Istrian vineyards and olive groves and feel the charms of a holiday in a typical Istrian setting. This part of the camping will give you the unique experience of being part of the nature, by picking fruits from the garden and use them when cooking in your Holiday Home. That way you can become more familiar with the Istrian cuisine and taste the flavors of the Mediterranean directly from the garden. For the complete experience, we highly recommend to collect some fresh tomatoes and to season it with some Vergal olive oil. Vergal is Aminess’ award-winning olive oil of which we produce approximately 5000 liters per year. Even the guests at Aminess Hotels & Campsites take part in olive harvesting, so you get the chance not only to taste it, but also to be part of the production. Vergal olive oil is used daily in all of our restaurants and it’s as well sold as a gourmet souvenir.

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