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Did you know that the word AMI in Aminess stands for ‘friend’?


The end of July brings a very special day to Aminess Hotels & Campsites. It's Friendship day and in Aminess we take it as our own. Our name combines the French word ami, which means friend, with the distinctive English suffix -ness. Aminess is known as a place where friendly relations with guests create lasting relationships. After all, 'AMI' in AMINESS stands for ‘friend’.

Friendly to… Novigrad!

The town of Novigrad is a small historical town in the Croatian region of Istria. Surrounded by the sea and beautiful nature, it will give you the feeling as if you have been living here your whole life. Novigrad is friendly to gastro events and wine tastings, as well as sports events. The Aminess Maestral Hotel is friendly to activities, because of the various sports activities held in the area, such as tennis tournaments, gym activities and running races such as Novigrad Cittanova RUN held in October. Check it out for a unique active holiday!

Friendly to… island of Krk!

The pure and clean sea on the island of Krk will take your breath away and will erase all of your tensions away in just a moment! With its romantic terraces, restaurants and beautiful views it will activate all your senses for a fulfilling experience. There’s no time and place for stress and tensions, all we want for you is harmony. Our Aminess Gaia Green Villas are friendly to harmony, providing you the best of nature for a perfect holiday.

The island of Korčula s friendly, too!

The historical heritage of the island of Korčula is breathtaking! You can have a drink on the historical ruins or take a boat ride to the small hidden bays to find your peace and tranquility. The Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel is friendly to uniqueness and it is full of moments you will capture and bring in your heart your entire life. Experience the best of Korčula, find friendliness and discover the Aminess Port9 Resortu which is friendly to memorable moments. Its beautiful location and amazing views are ideal if you’re looking for a calm vacation full of memories that last.

Friendly to senses – Aminess Khalai Beach Hotel 5*

Newly opened on the Makarska rivijera, the Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel proudly represents the friendly to senses aspect of Aminess. If anything seems ordinary in the everyday life, in the Khalani Beach Hotel it becomes extraordinary and it encourages you to become the most relaxed version of yourself. That’s absolutely friendly, don’t you think? Take it into consideration, book your stay and taste how does it feel to be friendly to senses.

Aminess is Friendship

Aminess is the embodiment of all of the positive experiences of our guests, who have identified us as a friendly, hospitable, and reliable host. A life without friends is an unhealthy life and that's why we want to make a happy and healthy surrounding for everyone that comes in touch with Aminess.

Who wouldn’t want Aminess to be their AMI?

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