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Guide to Easter Traditions in Istria, Dalmatia, and Kvarner


Easter is an important holiday in Croatia, celebrated with various traditions and customs across the country. Istria, Dalmatia, and Kvarner are three regions in Croatia that have unique Easter traditions worth exploring. From colorful processions to egg painting, these regions offer a rich cultural experience during the Easter holiday. If you plan to visit Croatia during the Easter season, here's a guide to the most popular Easter traditions.

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Easter Tradition in Istria

One of the most popular traditions in Istria is the blessing of the Easter basket, which takes place on Holy Saturday. Families fill baskets with various food items, including ham, cheese, bread, and colored eggs, and bring them to the church to be blessed by the priest.

In Novigrad, one popular custom is the Easter egg tapping game, which is played on Easter Sunday. The game involves tapping hard-boiled eggs against each other, with the person whose egg remains uncracked being declared the winner. As for food, many families in Novigrad prepare a special Easter cake called Pinca, often flavored with lemon zest or rum, and a traditional Easter breakfast, which consists of Easter bread, ham, eggs, cheese, and wine.

You can try the traditional Easter breakfast in The Aminess Maestral Hotel with up to 15% discount. Besides Easter buffet breakfast, Hotel includes a buffet dinner on Good Friday, a traditional buffet dinner on Easter Sunday, drinks during dinner, and an Easter program for children and adults. The program includes Easter games and competitions, creative workshops, and an Easter egg hunt. Guests can also enjoy the indoor swimming pool, fitness studio, and a 10% discount on the entrance to the SPA Zone.

Easter Traditions in Dalmatia

One of the most notable traditions is the Good Friday Procession and an Easter Sunday procession with the statue of the resurrected Christ. It takes place in many cities and towns across Dalmatia, such as Makarska.

Another specific dalmatian tradition comes from Korčula Island. It is called "Moreška" - a sword dance that symbolizes the battle between good and evil. The dance is performed by two groups of dancers dressed in black and white costumes, representing the opposing sides. The dance is accompanied by traditional music and the clashing of swords.

You can enjoy an Easter break with up to 20% discount at The Aminess Hotel Liburna on Korčula Island and The Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel in Makarska. Both hotels include a package with a traditional Easter buffet breakfast and dinner, an Easter program for both children and adults, such as an Easter egg hunt, and city processions. There is also a range of different activities - such as workshops, sunset yoga, organized attendance of Easter Mass, and city tours.

Easter Traditions in Kvarner

In Kvarner, Easter eggs are traditionally painted, and the special feature of local eggs is that they are "painted" with wax in the form of different symbols before painting, and after painting, the wax is removed, resulting in beautiful patterns. In addition to egg painting, Kvarner also practices processions on Good Friday, which are organized in many towns and villages of the region.

Another tradition in Kvarner is the lighting of the Easter candle and the blessing of Easter food. Additionally, some villages organize Easter egg hunts and various games for children.

Easter egg hunt is currently offered in Aminess Gaia Green Villas on Island Krk along with other activities for children and adults. The Easter program includes activities for children and adults, such as Easter games and competitions, creative workshops, Easter egg hunts, evening entertainment, and organized attendance of Easter Mass. The modern and spacious villas offer accommodation with electricity and water costs, towels and bed linen, and use of WLAN and fitness with up to 10% discount.

Overall, Croatia is really a country with a rich cultural heritage, and Easter is a special time of year that showcases its unique traditions. Whether you are a local or a visitor, experiencing Easter in Croatia is an unforgettable experience that provides a glimpse into the country's fascinating history and culture.

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