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Camping vs Hotel in 2020 - What's in It for You?


Fancy spending your holiday in beautiful surroundings, reconnecting with nature? Feel like it’s time for some pampering on holiday? Whether you choose to go camping or prefer a hotel, Aminess in both Istria and Dalmatia is your excellent partner for making the holiday you have envisaged come true … and more than that. So, check out what to expect and how to make the most of your holiday:...

Go camping to … 

Escape the busy streets of your hometown and take it easy in beautiful scenery! As one of the best camping destinations in Croatia, Istria takes your breath away both with its mesmerising seaside and magical countryside. Just imagine waking up to the cricket’s song, relaxing by the sea throughout the day, simply enjoying your time outdoors. 

Camping also allows you to do everything at your own pace and according to your preferences - to sleep in when you feel like it, to prepare the kind of food you prefer and just the way you like it, to gaze at the stars in the evening. It is also the perfect opportunity to do things together with your nearest and dearest, be it setting everything up at the pitch, exploring nature or just having a great time out in the open. 

To ensure you have a spotless camping adventure in Istria, pick the right place to camp. That’s where Aminess comes in. Both Aminess Maravea Camping Resort and Aminess Sirena, which was recently awarded the ADAC Superplatz 2020 status, not only offer extensive pitches in beautiful surroundings with all the necessary hook-ups and excellent sanitary facilities, but also the option to select diverse types of mobile homes for your stay. Both campsites allow you to fully appreciate the beauty and heritage of Novigrad and Istria overall as well as provide a great choice of fun activities, entertainment and gourmet experiences on the spot.  

Stay in a hotel to ...

Entirely relax and take a break from household chores and everyday routine in order to indulge in some wellbeing moments instead! Stay in a comfortable room with a wonderful view of the sea and Mediterranean greenery, delight in a wide selection of delicious food with a local touch, simply allow yourself to be pampered on holiday. Apart from an elaborate gourmet offer, Aminess’ hotels in Istria and Dalmatia come with exceptional locations just a few steps from the beach, swimming pools, wide selection of sports and entertainment options, wellness and more. 

To truly experience the essence of Istria pick Aminess Maestral Hotel**** or Aminess Laguna Hotel*** in Novigrad. Or let Aminess Grand Azur Hotel**** in Orebić on Pelješac or Aminess Lume Hotel**** on Korčula island be your haven of tranquility and a place to appreciate the untouched nature of Dalmatia. 

Feel Istria and Dalmatia … with Aminess

Explore the beautiful landscapes of the Adriatic Sea by finding your perfect holiday spot and accommodation in Istria and Dalmatia! Whether you are a camping enthusiast or fancy staying in a hotel, Aminess is here for you to ensure you have just the kind of holiday you have always wanted. 

Title: Go Camping or Choose a Hotel in 2020 in Istria or Dalmatia 

Description: Feel Istria & Dalmatia in 2020! Whether you opt to go camping or prefer a hotel, Aminess Hotels & Campsites is your excellent partner for a dream holiday.  

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