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Visit Dubrovnik when visiting the nearby islands – Korčula and Pelješac

Once you find yourself on the South of Croatia, it would be a pity not to visit Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik is a filming industry city because of its magnificent locations that work perfectly as a movie scene background. Game of Thrones surely helped putting Dubrovnik on the ‘must see’ list, but besides that Dubrovnik has its history which you can be a part of. When talking about Dubrovnik, it is not just a touristic destination but a real gem which has a breathtaking culture legacy you have to see by yourself. Take a walk on the City walls with forts, have lunch on the beautiful squares or take a one-day trip to island of Lokrum.

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Take part in reviving Dubrovniks history

Dubrovnik is not only a historical city, but a timeless one. To feel the timelessness we suggest you take a walk on the Dubrovnik city walls with forts. It is one of the best preserved fortification complexes in Europe and it will take your breath away! By talking a walk you will have the opportunity to see some of the forts used for the defense of the Dubrovnik Republic. One of the forts you will see when walking the walls is the Lovrijenac fort which is a symbol of survival and freedom and was used for the defense of the city. The inside of the fort is now used as a theatre scene where Dubrovnik summer festival is held.

Dubrovnik summer festival

The best way to know a place is through meeting its culture and music. Dubrovnik summer festival is a manifestation that will show you the best of Dubrovniks tradition. Take a summer evening and go to see a play or a concert. You will be part of reviving Dubrovnik in real time and some of the best Croatian and world-known artists will be performing for you. The plays will be simultaneously translated so you don’t have to worry about the understanding! You can visit it until August 25th.

Getting to Dubrovnik – the Pelješac bridge makes it easier

Getting to Dubrovnik is now much easier because of the Pelješac bridge that has just been opened on July 26th. Why is this big news for Croatia? The building of the bridge means that the far South of Croatia is now again connected with the rest of the country and everyone who goes to Dubrovnik from the upper parts of Croatia can now go there without passing any borders. That’s why the Pelješac bridge is not just any bridge but a important step to a better territorial connection.

The first car to cross the Pelješac Bridge at the opening ceremony on July 26th was Rimac Nevera, the world’s most powerful electric car, which was produced by the Croatian company Rimac Automobili, and has there met the car that has been driven by Niko Pulić, the three-time European champion.

Day trip to Dubrovnik from Orebić and Korčula

If you’re car-free and can’t get to Dubrovnik that way, we suggest you take a day trip by boat from Orebić and Korčula. You won’t get just the transport, but a panoramic journey across the peninsula of Pelješac. During the tour you’ll be firstly introduced to the history of the city of Ston and afterwards the city of Dubrovnik which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the way back, you will visit and taste some wines in the Museum of wines in Putnikovići, the first Croatian museum of viticulture and winemaking. Check the schedule and make sure you book it on time.

Getting to Dubrovnik is not an issue anymore, stay relaxed and stress free on your vacation at Aminess Hotels & Campsites. Take the best of the beautiful Korčula and the town of Orebić on the Pelješac island, we’ll take care of your stay.

Whichever you pick, you can’t miss! Dubrovnik is now only two hours away!

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