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Unleash Your Inner Adventurer And Enjoy An Active Holiday In Njivice


Lying on the beach all day, enjoying the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and taking a cooling swim every now and then is something that most of us love to do during our summer holiday. However, some prefer to take their holiday on the next level and enjoy an active holiday, which combines sun, sea and sand with amazing adventures you will surely remember long after you’ve returned back home.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of water sports, horseback riding, cycling or are looking for some other form of excitement, the island of Krk and the town of Njivice are a paradise for lovers of active tourism, nature and adrenaline.

Read on and find out about the top activities you can try out in this easily accessible town located near Rijeka airport and Krk bridge.

Yoga by the sea

Allow yourself to fully relax and connect with nature by practising yoga right next to the Adriatic. The benefits of this activity are truly numerous - it enhances the absorption of oxygen and keeps your body flexible and toned. But the thing that is perhaps the most appealing is that you get to focus on the moment and forget everything else, which is what we all need during the holiday.

Added bonus while practising outdoors is the vitamin D boost, which plays a big role in elevating the mood. And the views and sounds of the sea won’t hurt either!

If you’re an experienced practitioner, you’ll find plenty of quiet coastal spots for your session in Njivice. For all beginners and those who’d like to practise with a group, make sure to book a class at the Aminess Atea Camping Resort.

Walking and cycling along the Kijac panoramic trail

If exploring the island on foot or by bike is your thing, Krk is THE destination for you, since there are more than 300 kilometres of marked walking and cycling trails on the island. One of the top ones is the Kijac trail, also known as the lavender trail, which features incredible panoramic views of the coast.

To make route planning a bit easier, check out the free Krk Bike & Krk Hike mobile apps that will give you an overview of all trails on the island, as well as a GPS navigation during the activities.

If you packed lightly and don’t have a bike with you, know that the bike rental in Njivice is available in Aminess Magal Hotel.

Standup paddle boarding (SUP) at dusk

SUP has been one of the most talked about water sports in the past few years, so why not give it a try and see what all the hype is about?

If you’ve never tried it, you might get an impression that this type of activity might be boring, but believe us when we say that you’ll probably consider buying your own board after trying it! SUP is a fantastic whole-body workout that activates all key muscle groups, but at the same time it is a low-impact activity. Balancing on the board might be a challenge for the first few minutes, but once you get a grip you’ll see why so many people are going crazy about it.

There are no big risks for any age group while using the SUP, but make sure to be well protected from the sun, as the chances of getting a sunburn are pretty high from around 10 am to 4 pm. We recommend paddling during sunset, since the sun rays will not be as dangerous as during the day.

SUP rental in Njivice is available in Aminess Gaia Green Villas, along with peddle boats, kayaks, jet-skis and other water sports equipment.

Family picnic in the ornithological reserve

While it might not sound like a super adventurous activity, a picnic in a nature reserve will be a great opportunity to escape the crowds and enjoy some privacy in a completely different setting compared to the nearby coast.

Lake Njivice will be a great place for that, as it is a protected ornithological reserve with truly untouched nature. What’s interesting about it is that it has attracted the attention of researchers ever since 1874, and is a key area for preserving the biodiversity of the island of Krk. While the rules in the reserve are pretty strict (no fishing, hunting, or getting in the lake), the reserve has plenty of places for a family picnic.

This is a true paradise for wildlife, so expect to see some gorgeous vegetation and animals. Some of the most exciting inhabitants of the reserve are the incredible cranes that spend some time in the reserve during their migration to Africa.

Equestrian Club Njivice

Get to know the green side of the island in the most special and adventurous way. Recreational horseback riding in the untouched nature is accessible near Njivice for riders with and without experience. The Equestrian Club is a great place for the entire family, since there is a fenced area for children, where they can safely try out horseback riding with an experienced guide.

All this and way more awaits you in Njivice - a small coastal town for big summer adventures. If you’re travelling with kids and want some time for yourself to fully experience some of these activities, it’s good to know that you’ll find a great children animation program with creative workshops in Aminess Atea Camping Resort and Aminess Gaia Green Villa.

See you soon in Njivice!

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