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Visit the exclusive filming locations of "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard" near Novigrad

A brief guide to touring authentic filming locations in Istria

The filming of the action/thriller comedy 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard', with stunning Salma Hayek, her husband Samuel L. Jackson and suspended bodyguard Ryan Reynolds in a mission to save Europe from a terrorist attack by Antonio Banderas, finished in late May 2020, with the film premiering in the U.S. cinemas on 16 June 2021. The sequel gets released four years after the first film with Jackson and Reynolds in the lead roles, and judging by the response so far, it is even funnier and more entertaining.

Producers Matt O'Toole and Paul Ritchie chose Croatia from among several great options considered for filming locations, so some of the scenes were shot in Istria, Rijeka, Karlovac, Zagreb and Pisarovina, and on the island of Biševo. The trailer received more than 1.3 million views in less than 24 hours – a great promotion for the Croatian tourism!

So all of you film buffs and fans of legendary actors such as R. Reynolds, S. L. Jackson, S. Hayek, A. Banderas or M. Freeman brace yourselves, because here is the precise description (with GPS coordinates) of all filming locations near Novigrad you can visit and see for yourselves what it's like to be in the lead role.

Let's go!

Stancija Kabola, Momjan

 Scene location

Stancija Kabola, a beautiful stone house with a winery, stood in for a Tuscan villa in the film. As soon as you set your foot in the area of Gornja Bujština, dream-like vistas and a relaxed vibe will start to work their magic. And wait to see what happens when you taste their speciality – wine made in amphorae…

Mirna Bridge

 Scene location

This is where the spectacular scene with Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson in a speeding van and two helicopters trying to chase them down was filmed. As they flew over and underneath the bridge, special safety measures had to be applied, and the crew was super happy with the kind assistance of local authorities.

Under the Mirna Bridge

 Scene location

A love scene between Salma Hayek and Samuel L. Jackson was filmed under the bridge and on a nearby meadow. Come and see for yourselves – it's the perfect setting for a tender moment with your loved one.


 Scene location

Perched high on a hillside above the Mirna River, this tiny town is one of the most famous symbols of inland Istria. The scene locations stood in for the rolling Italian hills; while visiting Motovun, you can also stop by the Instagram Photo Point to take in the scenery.


 Scene location

The road passing by magical Gradinje also served as a filming location. Visiting this village with only 116 inhabitants is a good option if you're up for a nice meal at a local 'konoba' or olive oil tasting in Ipši.


 Scene location

The crew also filmed some chase scenes in and around Grožnjan, but we'd recommend you to take things easy and visit one of its charming galleries. Grožnjan is home to many artists, who draw inspiration from its picturesque surroundings.


 Scene location

Oprtalj is a hidden gem at the very heart of Northern Istria, which the film crew visited only for a short while. It would be a pity not to have a look at the stone houses and one of the most remarkable loggias in the area. Enjoy the silence and sheer beauty of the moment!

Stancija Sv. Petuj, Završje

 Scene location

The ground floor of this solitary country house was once a barn, which you'll get to see even in the trailer. The scene location is situated near the drowsy village of Završje, where you can also find supreme wineries and olive oil producers (should you run short of supplies…).

Hotel Aminess Maestral Novigrad 4*

 Scene location

The hall left to the hotel entrance was used as a setting for the EU conference scene. Delighted with both the accommodation and fantastic takes, the film crew sent a warm thank-you note after the filming. If you're looking for accommodation in Novigrad, don't hesitate to book with us – VIP treatment is guaranteed!

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