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7 Must-Visit Croatian Islands


Did you know that Croatia has over one thousand islands?

Each one has a unique character and charm, nature and culture, which leaves you with endless opportunities for exploration. To narrow down your search for the perfect Croatian island to visit next, we’ve selected 7 of our favorites:

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1. Korčula: The Verdant Beauty

Korčula, often referred to as mini-Dubrovnik, boasts medieval architecture and countless breathtaking beaches. This island is known for its dense forests, hence the name “Green Island.” Its old town, a walled city influenced by Venetian Renaissance architects, is a highlight. For those seeking a comfortable stay, the Marko Polo Hotel by Aminess offers exquisite views of the Renaissance town of Korčula and the Adriatic.

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2. Mali Lošinj: The Fragrant Island

Mali Lošinj, famous for its aromatic air filled with the scents of herbs and pines, is a haven for health-conscious travelers. This island is known for its clear waters, often visited by pods of dolphins, making it ideal for swimming and marine life encounters. The Museum of Apoxyomenos and picturesque coves are among its many attractions.

3. Pag: The Moon-like Landscape

Pag stands out with its moon-like, rocky landscape and a vibrant cultural scene. It's famous for its lace-making, local sheep cheese, and summer music festivals. Visitors can explore ancient olive gardens and enjoy the unique blend of tradition and exciting nightlife. For a distinctive stay, consider the brand new 5* Glamping Villas and Holiday Homes Avalona, a sophisticatedly designed accommodation with the largest number of private swimming pools in Croatia!

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4. Brijuni Islands: The Historical Archipelago

The Brijuni Islands are a group of fourteen small islands known for their historical significance and natural beauty. Once the summer residence of Yugoslavia’s president Tito, they now serve as a national park. Visitors can explore dinosaur footprints, Roman ruins, and a safari park with exotic animals.

5. Krk: The Connected Island

Krk, the second largest Adriatic island, easily accessible via a bridge is one of the country’s most popular destinations. It's known for its diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs, as well as its rich history is evident in the medieval architecture. For a lavish stay, Aminess Gaia Green Villas in Krk offer modern industrial design that perfectly blends into the island’s lush greenery.

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6. Hvar: The Sunny Getaway

Hvar is famous for its sunny weather, lavender fields, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife. The island's main town, also named Hvar, is known for its 13th-century walls and a hilltop fortress. It's a hotspot for yachting and celebrity sightings, with chic bars, clubs and restaurants.

7. Lastovo: The Unspoiled Retreat

Lastovo is part of an archipelago with 46 islands and is widely known for its untouched nature and remoteness, making it ideal for stargazing and enjoying a peaceful holiday. Its medieval town features unique chimneys and offers a glimpse into traditional island life.

Each of these Croatian islands offers a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history, making them must-visit destinations for any traveler exploring Croatia. For a perfect stay while visiting Croatian coast and islands, check out all Aminess hotels and holiday homes!

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