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History Buff’s Guide To Dalmatia: 7 Historic Sites You Can’t Miss


If you would call yourself a complete history buff and you love to travel, Dalmatia could certainly be the next destination on your bucket list. Dalmatia, whose name comes from the Illyrian tribe Delmati who inhabited the area in the 7th century, stretches along the Adriatic Sea. It is the largest tourist region in Croatia, with as many as 926 islands, cliffs and reefs. The area is known for its relaxed atmosphere, historical sites, natural beauty, numerous islands and bays that will leave you breathless. This area is rich in historical monuments and remains that date all the way to ancient times.

In addition to all the beautiful historic locations, there is the incredible Mediterranean climate and delicious cuisine that will make your visit absolutely worthwhile. Besides that, Dalmatia is proud to have a number of monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage List, such as the Diocletian's Palace in Split and Trogir Old Town, as well as many more historic places with stories to tell. Read on and find out more about some of the most beautiful historic sites you can enjoy during your trip to Dalmatia this summer!

7 magical forts of Dalmatia

Can you imagine walking the streets that people walked through in ancient times? Well, you can! There are seven historic forts that will easily take your breath away with their amazing views of the beautiful surroundings. Whether you decide to climb the Klis fortress or come to the Prozor fortress in Vrlika, Nutjak in Trilj, Kamičak in Sinj or Topana in Imotski, you will return to the past and have an opportunity to experience how people once lived there. You can also stop by Gradina in Vrgorac and Fortica near Omiš, which will complete the cultural and historical offer of the Dalmatian hinterland.

The City of Korčula holds many historical secrets you can unveil

Korčula is a historic fortified town on the east coast of the island of Korčula. The old town is surrounded by walls, and the streets are arranged in fish bone structure for the protection from strong winds. The old town of Korčula is one of the best preserved fortified medieval towns in the Mediterranean. Among a number of significant historical sights, the ones that are mostly tailored for a history buff include the Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral of St. Mark, the town hall from 1520, and the massive city walls. To make your visit to Korčula even better, you can book a unique room in the beautiful Aminess Korčula Heritage Hotel. It is known for its unique architecture and interiors oozing the belle epoque charm.

Kaštela’s Castles are like a renaissance & baroque fairytale near Split

There are as many as ten intriguing castles in the seven cities of Kaštela and you can visit them on foot or by bike along the coast. It is surely one of the best Dalmatian adventures for every history buff! The famous castles of Kaštela fascinated even the creators of the TV series "Game Of Thrones" - the fort of Kaštel Gomilica serves as a backdrop in several episodes, where it represents the city of Bravos. Also, every year in August, Kaštela celebrates their very own Romeo and Juliet with a series of special events, and if you find yourself there, there is a wide range of activities that will help you to get to know this charming place.

Makarska has spectacular views and architecture

You can start your tour in the oldest and most beautiful street in the town centre called Kalalarga. It will take you to the main town square and all the way to the St. Peter peninsula. There are numerous prehistoric settlements that can be found here, as well as many antiques and Venetian architecture. In addition to that, you can enjoy spectacular views of the city and Mount Biokovo. While you’re there, you can enjoy your stay in the Aminess Khalani Beach Hotel, located by the sea and only a 20-minute walk from the historic town centre.

Old Town Trogir has a rich architectural history

The historic city of Trogir is at the top of the list of historical places to visit, not only in Dalmatia, but in the entire country! In peace and quiet of the sea you can get to know the rich history, culture and tradition of this ancient city. The Trogir archipelago, dotted with islands, islets and quiet bays with accessible land routes, has attracted many conquerors, sailors, merchants and passers-by since ancient times. That is why this city has a history that contains rich architectural expression and tradition. The buildings in the historic city centre are built of stone and decorated by some of the most famous European sculptors, so it wasn't at all surprising when UNESCO included Old Town Trogir to its World Heritage List.

Salona was once the capital of a Roman province on the coast of Dalmatia

This ancient town was given the name Salona by the first settlers whom the Romans called Dalmatians, and are believed to have been part of a larger group of Illyrians. Salona is located near the town of Solin. The most impressive part of this beautiful town is the amphitheatre from the 2nd century, which was partially destroyed by the Venetians in the 17th century. At one point it could have accommodated 18.000 people and no one really knows exactly just how many gladiators fought the wild animals there. Also you should visit the Monastery, the remains of a cemetery ,and a basilica dating back to the 4th century, as well as the ruins of a three-nave cathedral.

Pelješac is famous for its archeological sites

Pelješac has a very rich history which every history buff will enjoy immensely. Starting with the Cave Spila, an ancient archeological site, there is also a great number of churches that date all the way back to the 15th century and a few convents well worth a visit while in Dalmatia. You can also find an underwater archeological site near Lovište on the Pelješac peninsula at a depth of 31-37 metres below sea level. It will definitely leave you speechless. If you’re not sure about where to stay while you’re on Pelješac, the Aminess Bellevue Hotel, located in the gorgeous town of Orebić, will be happy to have you as their guest! There you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the Pelješac channel and the island of Korčula.

This rounds up our picks of 7 best historical sights in the beautiful Dalmatia. All this legacy, combined with some breathtaking nature and beaches, makes Dalmatia a must-see European region for anyone, especially all history aficionados.

For more information on Dalmatia and other Croatian destinations, make sure to check out the rest of our blog, and for some top-notch accommodation throughout the Croatian coast check out Aminess hotels, holiday homes, villas and residences!

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