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    Hiking at Aminess

    From sea to sky

    Our hotels and campsites are excellent starting points for both short and long hiking trips. They are all located near paved walking paths or seaside paths that will offer you healthy recreation paired with spectacular views of Mediterranean landscapes.

    Near Aminess hotels and campsites, you can also find a few more challenging hill or mountain trails. Experience freedom, take in the fresh air, and overcome your stress and tension.

    Take our advice: grab your backpack and take a hike!

    • 80 hiking trails in Istria where you can discover numerous points of interest and learn the fascinating history of this charming region
    • 100km of hiking trails on Korčula where you will discover that the best way to reach the heart of the island is on foot
    • The 961m climb to the top of Sv. Ilija hill on Pelješac offers you a spectacular view of the sea and islands

    Hiking in Novigrad


    If you love hiking, Novigrad will become your favourite destination for recreation. From the well-kept walking path that connects Aminess Sirena Campsite and Aminess Laguna and Aminess Maestral hotels with the town centre, to a 4km natural trail that leads from the centre to Aminess Maravea Camping Resort, you can hike across Novigrad lengthwise and crosswise.

    The numerous hiking trails in Istria don’t just give you a chance to get some exercise – they are a great source of information and attractions such as waterfalls, caves, romantic churches and tourist family farms offering delicious, homemade meals.

    Find your favourite trail – we have more than 80 of them!

    Hiking trails near Novigrad and in other parts of Istria

    • around 80 hiking and cycling trails across Istria
    • easy, medium and difficult trails
    • detailed trail descriptions and GPS database

    Trail overview with detailed route descriptions


    GPS trail overviews


    Download a map of marked hiking trails

    Hiking on Korčula

    100km worth of reasons to say YES

    From the oldest olive tree to stone houses, healing mud and crystal clear sea – you will get to know Korčula best if you take it slow – on foot. Some of Korčula’s paths are hiking trails, while some are seaside trails, which makes it a great destination for both experience hikers and recreational trekkers and their families.

    If you climb to higher heights, make sure to visit the numerous lookout points where you can take spectacular panoramic photographs. You will also find tempting orchards and vineyards of Pošip grapes, which you can sample if you come during the best time of the year for hiking – in spring or autumn.

    Hiking trails in Smokvica municipality

    1. Smokvica – Sitnica – Mihajna gora – Marča Vrh (1h)
    2. Smokvica – Kruševo – Stiniva – Prapratna (3h)
    3. Smikvica – Brna – Istruga (30min)
    4. Smokvica – Livindol – Sitnica – Sv. Rok (2.30h)
    5. Brna – Veli Zaglav – Kosirnina – Brna (1h)
    6. Mala Kapja – Kom (1.30h)

    Hiking trails in Lumbarda municipality

    1. Sv. Križ – RT Ražnjić – Prevoj Ražnjić – Sv. Križ (4.5km)
    2. Sv. Križ – Postrana – Vidikovac – Glogovac – Kosovo – Uvala Račićše (5.2km)
    3. Javić – Gornje Blato – Vidikovac- Žrnovo – (5.2km)
    4. Prvi Žal – Uvala Račišće – Krmača – Pelegrin – Javić (7km)
    5. Javić – Plaža – Sv. Liberan -Pod Sv. Antun – Korčula (3.5km)
    6. Sv. Križ – Uvala Pržina – Vidikovac – Uska luka (2.25km)

    Hiking trails in Blato municipality

    1. Karbuni – Gršćica – Giča – Blato(9km)
    2. Prižba – Sv. Marko – Prisćapac (4.5km)
    3. Najstarija maslina – Kopila – Črna luka – Češvinice (10km)
    4. Prigradica – Hrastovice (Kružno) (5.4km)
    5. Mala Kapja – Kom (1.7km)
    6. Blato – Prižba (5.3km)

    Hiking on Pelješac


    Sv. Ilija (961m), the peninsula’s highest hill, is located at the far west end of Pelješac, and is the most popular hiking destination on Pelješac. The massif of Sv. Ilija hill runs northeast and southwest, and it is around 6.5km long and 2.5km wide. At its peak, you will find the Church of St. Elijah and the most beautiful lookout point in all of Croatia’s mountains. The hike to the top from Orebić takes several hours, so you should make sure to be well prepared and bring all the necessary equipment, a map, and the phone numbers of the mountain rescue service.

    For those who prefer a slower tempo, a well-maintained seaside walking trail leads from the Grand Azur Hotel to the centre of Orebić.

    Hiking trails near Orebić

    Get a copy of a map with marked hiking trails at the local tourist office.


    Interactive map of hiking and biking trails on Pelješac


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