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    Iskanje namestitve

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    Aminessov pravilnik o varstvu okolja in energetski učinkovitosti

    Laguna Novigrad d.d. is obligated to implement this policy at its Aminess Maestral Hotel, Aminess Laguna Hotel, Aminess Lume Hotel, Aminess Grand Azur Hotel, Aminess Sirena Campsite and Aminess Maravea Camping Resort through the continued investment of all available resources to reduce any possible negative influence on the environment and the local community resulting from our business activity to the lowest possible level in order to contribute to a cleaner, safer environment, to ensure that the issue of environmental protection does not lose its significance or meaning, and to ensure that natural and cultural resources remain for future generations.

    To fulfil our obligations, we are dedicated to:

    • the fulfilment of all relevant legal obligations and proactive work towards satisfying future requirements and standards
    • reducing the quantity of waste by establishing operational procedures and assessing their maximum efficiency
    • preserving natural resources through the responsible use of energy, water and materials while maintaining the quality of service our guests expect
    • purchasing energy efficient products and services
    • monitoring results attained through reducing, recycling and reusing waste materials and energy, and continually improving these results
    • cooperation with suppliers who also implement a policy of environmental protection and reduced environmental impact
    • reducing polluting emissions through the selection and use of efficient fuels and energy sources
    • actively promoting recycling and waste sorting within the company, as well as among guests, users and suppliers
    • ensuring that activities are constantly reviewed, improved and transferred to all stakeholders in work processes

    we recycle

    • paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, edible oil, kitchen waste, toners, electronic waste and fluorescent light bulbs

    we save energy

    • through daily and weekly monitoring of our use of energy sources
    • through the use of energy-efficient lightbulbs and electrical devices from low energy classes
    • through the installation of motion sensors
    • through a smart room system that controls heating, cooling and lighting
    • through towel changes upon guests’ request
    • through central temperature management and control across the entire hotel

    we reduce

    • water usage by installing automatic rinsing systems, monitoring water usage, and installing aerators on taps
    • packaging waste by purchasing food products and cleaning products in bulk
    • pollution of water and nature:
      • by lowering washing temperatures
      • by using environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaning products
      • by educating our employees about the use and dosing of cleaning products

    Document last updated:
    Novigrad, November 2017

    for Laguna Novigrad d.d.
    Zrinka Bokulić
    Chairman of the Board

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