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    Iskanje namestitve

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    Pravilnik o kakovosti hotelov in kampov Aminess

    Laguna Novigrad d.d. is obligated to carry out established quality policy guidelines at its Aminess Maestral Hotel, Aminess Laguna Hotel, Aminess Lume Hotel, Aminess Grand Azur Hotel, Aminess Sirena Campsite and Aminess Maravea Camping Resort.

    As the foundation of business management, this quality policy reflects the company’s relationship towards its stakeholders, especially its guests, owners, employees, suppliers, the local community, the environment, and the law.

    All company activities are directed at fulfilling the demands, needs and expectations of guests, with the goal of constantly improving quality and services.


    • The quality policy is our basic guide and an integral part of the company’s common business policy.
    • The company management is responsible for the implementation of the policy and quality goals, and each employee of the company is responsible for the quality of his or her own work.
    • Recognising the demands, needs, desires and expectations of our guests is our strategic goal and a measure of the success of all of our activities. This is why it is the basic task of all who cooperate in the process to ensure excellent quality in accommodation, food and beverages, and all other services and amenities.
    • Relations with guests, employees and suppliers are based on mutual respect and common interests.
    • By providing for the needs and interests of each employee, we build a climate of cooperation, trust and belonging, and satisfied employees are the key to the success of our company. Human resources development and the systematic education of our employees are a basic precondition for the successful implementation of our quality policy and goals.
    • In order to ensure satisfactory, efficient and continued implementation of the quality management system, the management supervises the function of this system and demands regular internal monitoring as needed and in accordance with the annual plan, and supports improvement through constant activities including all employees.
    • The owners are guaranteed efficient business processes and the realisation of the expected results.

    Document last updated:
    Novigrad, November 2017

    for Laguna Novigrad d.d.

    Zrinka Bokulić
    Chairman of the Board

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