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    Relaxing Massages and Beauty Treatments at Aminess

    A comfortable mat in a peaceful corner of the beach, the blue sky above, and the capable hands of one of our masseurs relaxing you as you listen to the waves… If you’re on holiday in the warmer part of the year, experience the positive energy of an open-air massage and awaken all of your senses. In autumn and in winter, you can warm up with our relaxing massages and rituals at the Aminess Maestral Hotel wellness centre.

    Mild or intense, morning or evening, long or short – a massage is the best thing you can do for yourself on holiday. You deserve it, right?

    Aminess open-air massages:

    • at the Aminess Maestral Hotel beach (Novigrad)
    • in the Oleandrum relaxation corner near the Aminess Sirena Campsite (Novigrad)
    • at the relax & beauty studio of the Aminess Maravea Camping Resort (Novigrad)

    Aminess indoor massages:

    • at the Aminess Maestral Hotel wellness centre (Novigrad)
    • at the Aminess Grand Azur Hotel beauty centre (Orebić) – only available in summer

    Aminess massages in Dalmatia

    Massages on Pelješac


    You’re on holiday and you finally have a little time for yourself? Treat yourself and try an Aminess massage at our beauty centre by the outdoor swimming pool. From individual Mediterranean massages and full-body massages to scalp or foot massages – is there a better way to get into the relaxing rhythm of your holiday? The skilled hands of our masseurs will quickly draw you into the world of the warm Croatian south, where time flows a bit slower, and your senses are filled with the scents and essences of the Adriatic.

    Relax and feel the sensations in your body…

    Aminess massages in Istria

    Massages in Novigrad


    Do you love listening to the sound of the waves and the song of cicadas as you laze on the beach under the warm rays of the sun? Spice up the experience with an Aminess open-air massage! Find an oasis of relaxation on the beaches of Aminess Hotels and Campsites, and put yourself in the skilled hands of our masseurs, who will free you of tension amid the most beautiful natural surroundings.

    At the Aminess Maestral Hotel wellness centre, every season is the right time for a massage. Spoil yourself with aromatic massages and rituals in a true Mediterranean atmosphere.

    Cosmetic Treatments in Novigrad
    Let our professional beauticians make you shine

    Our beauty sector consists of fully equipped rooms for complete facial and body care.

    One, two, three, or five day beauty treatments will equilibrate, relax, and recharge your body. Sea salt peeling or an individual selection of essential oils will make your skin silky and soft to the touch. And if you want to rejuvenate your face, talk to our beauty experts and choose one of 12 treatments designed for every skin type.

    Facial care:

    • deep skin care
    • hyalurone-based hydration
    • collagen-enriched anti-age treatment
    • luxury treatment with gold nano-particles
    • instant regenerative treatments…

    Body care:

    • sea salt peeling
    • mud packs
    • nutritional oil and lavender flower packs
    • anti-cellulite treatments
    • anti-age treatments…

    Beauty programmes:

    • A Precious Day (one-day programme)
    • Total Men's Day (one-day programme)
    • Mum's New Life Day (one-day programme)
    • De-Stress Days (two-day programme)
    • Aromasoul Days (two-day programme)
    • Couple's Luxury Days (two-day programme for couples)
    • Detox Days (three-day programme)
    • Holistic Days (three-day programme)
    • Mediterranean Days (five-day programme)



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