Novigrad Cittanova RUN
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    NOVIGRAD CITTANOVA RUN 2019 (Novigrad / Istria)

    Register to participate in Novigrad Cittanova RUN races in Novigrad on 19 October 2019 and win valuable prizes!

    • To register in advance for the race, please fill out the registration form and pay your entry fee by 1st October 2019 at the latest.
    • All payment information is located in the PDF document entitled RACE INFORMATION.



    *I have read in entirety and accept the conditions in the RACE INFORMATION
    Runners that sign up by the 31/08 will receive the T-shirt in the desired size


    Registered runners

    First nameLast nameState
    1 Anton Riepl Austria
    2 Hans-peterPrettererAustria
    3 Irena
    4 EsmeraldaMoroCroatia
    5 DavidSinkovičSlovenia
    6 KlemenPetrinSlovenia
    7 JasminaKoštaCroatia
    8 TomislavMrkusCroatia
    9 ZvonimirČujkoCroatia
    10 SilvijaStriskovicCroatia
    11 DomenHorvatSlovenia
    12 AndrejZadravecSlovenia
    13 MartinIgicSlovenia
    14 Boštjan Fuks Slovenia
    15 MajaValentićCroatia
    16 PredragGriljCroatia
    17 PredragGriljCroatia
    18 Dejan FračaLogožarCroatia
    19 IzidorJugSlovenia
    20 ValentinaRadolovićCroatia
    21 Mladen RadolovićCroatia
    22 MartinaŠusterCroatia
    23 GašperAtelšekSlovenia

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