Aminess lowest price guarantee


Aminess guarantees the lowest online price available for booking accommodation via the Internet for every booking made through Aminess.


If you wish to book accommodation via Aminess but have found a price on the Internet lower than the price we have listed, we’ll approve the more favourable price you have found.

To take advantage of this guarantee simply send an email to: or call our Reservation Centre at +385 52 858 600.

A representative of the Aminess Reservation Centre will contact you shortly by email or by phone upon receipt of your request.


You are entitled to our Lowest Price Guarantee if:

  • You have booked accommodation via the Aminess Hotels & Campsites website ( / or the Aminess Reservation Centre and have received confirmation of your booking.
  • You have found a more favourable, published online price for the same facility, accommodation unit, number of guests, the full booking period and reservation terms and conditions at the latest 24 hours after making your booking via the Aminess Hotels & Campsites website or the Aminess Reservation Centre.
  • You have contacted us no later than 24 hours from your booking by calling our Reservation Centre during working hours or by sending an email.
  • You have submitted all requested documentation and proven that another, lower price is available for booking via the Internet, accessible to the general public and still accessible on the Internet at the moment our Reservation Centre representative checks your request.

The Reservation Centre representative may request that you provide additional information and documentation (e.g. a screenshot of the published lower price on the Internet) so that we can check the cited lower price. Please keep the copies of all such documentation.

  • The guarantee is applicable to the total price of the full period booked, and not to the price of one or any number of days within the booked period. The guarantee is applicable to the final price for the entire booked period, including all service fees, taxes and any other fees.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Multiple requests for the Lowest Price Guarantee for stays longer than one night shall be treated as a single request for one stay and the lowest price for that stay will be applied.
  • The Lowest Price Guarantee shall not be applicable to prices published on, or any other website that offers guests the option of choosing hotels by category, but do not allow the guest to learn the name of the hotel prior to a room booking confirmation.
  • The guarantee shall not, then, be applicable to any website on which the name of the hotel, the exact location of the hotel, the hotel brand or any other information that could indicate the hotel in question is not revealed.
  • The guarantee shall not be applicable to the price of package arrangements. This shall pertain to the price of hotel accommodation sold as part of a tourist package arrangement together with other services.
  • The guarantee shall also not be applicable to prices not published, i.e. to prices not accessible to the public, such as, for example, prices offered to companies, group prices, congress prices and to any other prices targeted to a specific group and not available to the public.
  • The guarantee shall also not be applicable to loyalty programmes, coupon promotions, travel vouchers, special prices for frequent users, promotional codes or any prize competition programmes.
  • The guarantee shall not be applicable when prices differ by a decimal amount that is the result of the rounding off of prices.
  • The guarantee shall not be applicable to bookings confirmed within a period of 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • The guarantee shall not be applicable to cases in which a typographical error has occurred in the course of filling out or publishing prices on other websites.