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    Did you know that Istria is the best olive-growing region in the world?

    We even have proof. Thanks to the large number of highly rated Istrian olive oil brands, top international extra virgin olive-oil guide Flos Olei has awarded Istria the lofty title of the best olive-growing region for the second year running.

    Novigrad – the home of Vergal, champion among extra virgin olive oils

    Novigrad, like so many other Istrian towns, has a long tradition of olive growing and the production of reputable extra virgin olive oils. Aminess also plays an important role in this tradition – it produces its very own Vergal oil from olive groves near its hotels and campsites in Mareda and Karpinjan. There, we grow the best-known varieties of olives – Istarska Bjelica, Leccino, Pendolino, and Frantoio – from which we make high-quality, award-winning olive oils.

    Istria’s olive oil routes

    Aside from in Novigrad, you can taste Istria’s famous oils along the many olive oil routes  found throughout the peninsula. Head off on marked paths, and you will arrive right at the doors of oil makers and konobas where you can taste and buy this world-famous Mediterranean elixir.

    How to recognise world-class olive oil?

    To learn how to recognise world-class olive oil, first look at the label. The best bear the title of “extra virgin” olive oil, and connoisseurs recognise them by their specific characteristics, such as spiciness, bitterness, and fruitiness. All parameters must be perfectly balanced, and these oils cannot contain more than 0.8% free fatty acids.

    Do a good thing for yourself – buy yourself a bottle of extra virgin olive oil!

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