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    Experience the richness of Mediterranean flavours

    The Mediterranean (which includes the Adriatic coast) is rich in various cultures and influences, and you will feel them in the flavours of Croatian cuisine. An invitation to the table is a part of a tradition that speaks to the Mediterranean’s passion for food and its warm, friendly hosts. Throughout the year, menus are rich in seasonal ingredients such as squid, scallops, sole, asparagus, mushrooms and chestnuts, accompanied by the inevitable local wines and olive oils. So, in accordance with the old Croatian tradition, we hereby invite you to join us at the table at Aminess’ hotels and campsites. Sample the most various Mediterranean and international dishes prepared just for you with loving care, wash them down with a glass of excellent wine, and we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable gourmet experience.

    Half 8 Restaurant – the Place to Delight All Your Senses


    Aminess Wine & Gourmet nights with David Skoko & friends

    Gourmet Nights Aminess Novigrad Istria

    Wine tasting

    Wine Tasting Novigrad Istria

    Olive oil

    Olive Oil Novigrad Istria


    Vergal Olive Oil Novigrad Istria

    À la carte

    A la Carte Restaurant Aminess


    Grill Aminess Novigrad Istria


    Bars Aminess Novigrad Istria

    Punto Mare

    Puntomare Aminess Novigrad Istria

    Novigrad Cittanova Wine Trail and Gnam Gnam Fest in Novigrad

    Gnam Gnam Festival Novigrad Istria

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