Gastro Island of Korčula
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    Korčula’s Cuisine
    A place where the fruits and vegetables bring you back to your childhood

    If it’s true that the way to the heart is through the stomach, Korčula is a gourmet destination that you will fall in love with at first taste.

    And how could you not, when its cuisine was inspired by the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, from which hardworking fishermen deliver fresh fish daily right to your plate? You will also enjoy traditional makaruni pasta and homemade pašticada stew, which pair perfectly with local Pošip or Grk wines. The juicy seasonal fruits and vegetables will take you back to your childhood, as will the taste of the local homemade cakes.

    Top 5 gourmet experiences on Korčula

    • anchovies and sand smelt (gere)
    • brodetto with polenta and baked octopus
    • grilled lobster and scampi
    • baked lamb and goat
    • traditional sweets: lumblija, prikle, cukarini, klašuni, kotonjata

    ... and at least a glass or two of local Pošip or Grk wine.

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