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    Events on Korčula
    Music, dance, and local cuisine

    Choose Korčula for your next holiday and you will experience spectacular events, many of which are still held only on this magical Mediterranean island.

    Learn about the moreška, which will thrill you with its romantic story of a battle between a black and white king over a girl named Bula. You can witness a similar sword dance called the kumpanjija in Blato and Smokvica. Korčula’s cheerful residents will serve you seafood specialties all summer at the Fishermen’s Evenings. Feel the island tradition at folklore evenings and fall in love with the harmonious sounds of Dalmatian klapa folk singing.

    Top 9 events on Korčula

    • Folklore evenings - Lumbarda (1x weekly in summer)
    • Smokvica tradition evenings - Smokvica (1x weekly in summer)
    • Moreška, sword dance – town of Korčula (2x weekly in summer)
    • Kumpanjija, sword dance - Blato, Smokvica (1x weekly in summer)
    • Half of the New Year masquerade with live music, masked ball, night swimming, and fireworks – town of Korčula (30 June)
    • Fishermen’s evenings of traditional Vela Luka cuisine - Vela Luka (1x weekly in summer)
    • “Black Island - White Wines” festival with tastings of local Pošip and Grk wines – town of Korčula (July)
    • Makarunada, an event dedicated to local makaruni pasta with workshops and tastings - Žrnovo (August)
    • International Open Jazz Festival - Vela Luka (August)

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